Solitaire Tournament Free

If you are a fan of online card games and want to challenge yourself, pay attention to Solitaire Tournament. This game will make you think twice more about every move, and victory is still not guaranteed. Read on to know the basic rules and the setup of the game.

The Rules of the Solitaire Tournament Game

Solitaire Tournament uses two standard decks of cards. These cards are initially distributed into three areas. The tableau has four rows with six face-up cards in each. Above the tableau, there is a Reserve row with eight face-up cards. The rest of the cards are placed as one face-down pile in the corner of the layout and form the stock.

The Objective of Solitaire Tournament

The main objective of the Solitaire Tournament game is to build eight foundation piles. Four of them are built by suit in ascending order, from Aces to Kings. The other four are also built by suit but in descending order, from Kings to Aces.

Moves in the Solitaire Tournament Game

The variety of moves in Solitaire Tournaments is limited. You can’t build any sequences in the tableau. These are the moves allowed throughout the game:

  • Moving cards from reserve to foundations
  • Moving cards from the tableau to reserve
  • Moving cards from the tableau to foundations
  • Dealing 24 more cards from the stock.

You cannot move cards within the tableau. The only reason for that is having an empty pile. In this case, it can be filled with any card from other tableau piles.

Winning Tips

Aside from using the Undo button when playing Solitaire Tournament online, you can try a few other tips. They are explained below.

Remove Aces and Kings Instantly

Since the foundations are built in a different order, you need to clear four Aces and four Kings to start building them. Following the right order requires attention, so scan all the piles to not miss the cards you may remove from the tableau.

Clear the Reserve Row

The more empty cells you have in this row, the more chances you have to proceed with the game. Try to put a card in reserve only if it helps to reveal a card that may be moved to the foundations.

Use the Stock as the Last Resort

Once you click the stockpile, you get 24 new cards in the tableau, overlapping the previous layout. Even though you might need the stock very soon, delay this move for as long as possible.

Play Solitaire Tournament on SubGame

Free Solitaire Tournament games are challenging and require the utmost attention. The rules discussed in this article may help you move through the game, but to win, you have to establish a strategy. Try Solitaire Tournament for free to have lots of attempts and find the best approach to succeeding in the game.

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