New Game Turn 1 Rules
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How to Play Klondike Solitaire Turn One on SubGame

Step 1

The first thing to do is to take a look at your starting tableau piles. See what, if anything, can be moved around. You always want to move things between tableaus before taking cards out of the stock pile so that you can free up the cards underneath the tableaus. If you have any aces, move them onto the foundations. 

Step 2

Once you’ve made all the moves you can with the starting tableau, now you can turn to the stock pile. Turn over the top card and see if you can play it anywhere. When you get a card into the tableau from the stock pile, then look at whether you can uncover any more buried cards in the tableau. Always prioritize uncovering the cards in the tableau or they may get stuck if you take things from the stock pile. 

Step 3

Any time you get a blank spot in the tableau, ideally you should fill it with a king. Remember  that you can only place a king in a blank tableau pile. Again, if you find a king in the stock pile and place it straight away, you might not be able to access important cards hiding in the tableau piles.

Step 4

Continue sifting through the stock pile and rearranging your tableaus to free up more and more cards. Build up your foundations constantly. Remember, not every game of Klondike solitaire is solvable–though most are. If you get stuck, you might have to start again! Otherwise, just continue to place cards in the foundations from ace to king. Once every foundation is filled up, you’ve won! Start playing at Subgame right now!


Klondike solitaire turn one is simple to pick up but can be difficult to master. Next, we will answer some of the most common questions people have about this classic game. 


There are countless places you can play Klondike one turn solitaire online. Simply type the name of the game into a search engine, and you will get many different options for playing the game.

Are there different versions of Klondike solitaire turn one? 

There are indeed several versions of Klondike solitaire turn one. The ordinary form of the game uses only a single 52-card deck. However, there is also a version of Klondike solitaire turn one called Double Klondike solitaire turn one. It uses two decks and is played by two people. This version features two mirrored setups and eight foundation piles that are shared by the opponents. It is a bit harder than ordinary, single-deck Klondike solitaire turn one, but the element of competition adds a new dynamic to the games you count scores to see who wins and try not to let your opponent get the upper hand.

Is there a secret tactic for winning the game? 

There is no one secret tactic for winning, but there are a few key things you should remember whenever you play. First of all, it’s a game of luck as well as strategy. It can also be played at varying levels of difficulty. In harder deals, you are a lot more likely to end up stuck. So, always remember the luck involved.
Remember to free up the cards beneath the tableaus to start with. Don’t take from the stock pile until you have to. One of the single biggest things that can cause problems in a game is placing a king in a blank space from the stock pile. Later, this may prevent you from freeing up essential cards from the tableau decks if you do this.