Social Solitaire Game

As one of the most commonly played card games in the world today, solitaire has become a global habit. Indeed, according to Microsoft, over thirty-five million people play solitaire on their in-built platform. With over one hundred million hands played per day purely on the Microsoft version of the game, solitaire has proven itself to be one of the most enjoyable social games in the world today.

However, one thing to note about solitaire is that it is played elsewhere, too. The days of Microsoft’s in-built version of solitaire within the operating system being the only option are long gone. Today, we have many online solitaire games that we can pick from. We encourage you to try playing Solitaire on SubGame online! This makes solitaire a highly enjoyable game from a social perspective. The game has long been one of the best time-killers you can find, making it easy to pass the time on everything from long bus journeys to arduous work break times.

While many of us enjoy a game of solitaire on its own merits, the rise of online and competitive solitaire has changed the game entirely. Today, while many still enjoy some single-player solitaire, it has easily become one of the most popular social games out there.

How is that so? What can solitaire do to bring people together? How has the game become an important and powerful tool for helping people find a connection with one another? And even to form friendships?

The Importance of Social Connection

Make no mistake, having social connections in your life is one of the defining characteristics of being a human being in the modern world. We all believe that we can enjoy our own company, and yes, spending time in your mind is very important. It is vital that we all feel comfortable sitting in discussion with our minds. Escaping your inner train of thought is unhealthy and unhelpful.

That being said, though, social connections drive us. They make us better people. They challenge us to look at our opinions and views of the world. If you reside purely within the walls of your own mind, you find yourself always agreeing with yourself. You begin conforming to your own bias. You start to lose perspective because without social connections, you never have anyone to disagree with you.

Many of us see disagreement as conflict, as something to be avoided. This could not be further from the truth. Few things are as good for the mind and soul as discussing with another person. Learning about their worldview – and, yes, why you might be wrong – is very important to your health and well-being. It is vital, then, that you do not discount the importance of having that social connection.

Social connections give us many things. As noted by the charitable body MindWise, the importance of a social relationship genuinely improves your quality of life. Indeed, they even make a note of a study which showed that social connections have as big an impact on our health and well-being as our weight and lifestyle choices, such as smoking!

Social connectivity has long had a natural connection to our well-being and our health. As noted by the CDC, social connectivity helps us to feel valued and supported. These are not emotions or feelings that we can synthesize. If you do not spend time around other people, it is increasingly easy to feel two emotions which conflict with one another:

  • The feeling that you are always correct and in the right because nobody challenges you.
  • The feeling that you are not valued by society because nobody connects to you.

These are two deeply contrasting emotions that can co-exist in our minds at one time. Spending time around others humbles us because they challenge our views, they educate us, and help us become better people. It boosts your natural confidence. Why? Because you feel like people value you and that your opinions have a natural weight to them. 

Having a strong social connection to your community is so important, as it can give you the inner self-belief you need to feel better about who you are. Social connections come with many benefits, including:

  • Keeping our minds healthier as we are not always self-absorbed in our own views.
  • Creating empathy as we learn to understand the pain and challenge others face.
  • Not expecting everything to be done exactly the way we want grounding us in reality.
  • Learning about new subjects and concepts you might never have explored on your own.
  • Improving our social skills and our ability to express ourselves in ways that feel genuine.

These are just some of the many benefits of having a social connection in your life as you might already find it hard to connect with others, though finding ways that help you to do so is important to your health and your well-being. That is why you should consider investing time in social entertainment. 

For example, solitaire. Solitaire can be a brilliant way to meet new people, foster new social interactions, and ensure that your life is improving for the better. Solitaire helps us meet new people and stay in contact with the people we know, love, and respect. How can solitaire help? 

How Solitaire Can Facilitate Social Interaction

One of the most important elements of solitaire in a social setting is the fact that it can help you to build and formulate new relationships. If you were to play solitaire online, you would find that you come up against an opponent. You might soon find that you start chatting with them briefly. A few jokes are shared during the first round, and everyone has some fun. Regardless of who wins, there is a low-pressure, high-entertainment atmosphere to the round you just played.

So, you choose to play another round. The same again – good fun, laughter, and the chance to get to know someone new. Over time, you might find that you play this person consistently. You might even find that as you play more games, you begin to talk more about subjects that have nothing to do with solitaire. You might find that with enough games against this person, you begin to learn more about the person. Regular games are had, and your opponent begins to become someone you call a friend.

Since online solitaire forces you to play against someone else, you can soon find that this offers a really enjoyable competitive element. Before long, you begin to appreciate the discussions as much as the solitaire itself. You start finding time in your day to spend playing solitaire online with this person. They become an individual that you enjoy speaking to and getting to know.

When used properly, then, solitaire can fuel social interaction purely because of how the game works. When you sit down to play solitaire, you know this is light-hearted fun. It is not a ‘serious’ game where you become overly competitive and sees the person you are playing as a ‘foe’ – far from it. 

By contrast, solitaire is a highly social game. It feels like incredible fun to be involved with. It gives you energy because you spend time getting to know the game and the other player. You only really need to worry about your performance, as well; this removes the need to get to know your opponent’s game. As such, you do not wind up with that needless competitive spirit that can make it hard to remain cordial.

For that reason, then, solitaire can be a brilliant tool for fuelling and building genuine social interaction with another person. Over time, you will find that you begin to enjoy the fact that you are meeting new people. The way that solitaire plays out means that you get to enjoy their company as much as their competition. Those weekly games can become daily, and before long, you might find that your friendship with this fellow solitaire player blossoms away from just being a person you play this amazing game with. Play online Solitaire now and have fun with millions of people around the world!

Do not discount the importance of solitaire as a tool for social engagement and interaction. It is one of the most powerful games in the world for meeting new people in a competitive environment. Why? Because while it is a game and you want to win, the general atmosphere and purpose of solitaire lend itself to being a socially suitable competitive pursuit. 

The Role of Solitaire in Group Settings

If you are looking for a way to create a social setting where solitaire can be played, it can be easily done when you are in a group of people. You see, the great thing about solitaire is that you can have multiple games of it on the go in one setting. As long as each individual has access to either a set of physical solitaire cards or they are playing on a device like a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, they can play.

This means that ten people could sit in a room together and play a game of social solitaire. You could run it in so many different ways. You could run it as one large ten-person run where everyone competes to see who can finish the fastest of the group. This is one that you can run again and again, seeing who is the first player to reach, say, five victories. This adds hours of fun to the evening without being so distracting as the group setting becomes too quiet.

One major benefit of playing solitaire as a group is that you can all still chat away, have fun, and interact. You could be doing this in person, or you could be doing it across an internet connection – even on a video chat as a group. There are many ways you can enjoy participating in a solitaire session.

Another example of using solitaire in a group setting would be to run a ‘cup’ tournament. So long as you have enough people whereby each person has someone they can compete with – so even numbers – this can work extremely well. Let us say that there are 16 of you in this group setting.

You could start with Person A playing Person P, Person B playing Person O etc. – and then as each round finishes, those who have won go through to the next round. You run this until the final, when you have an exciting run-off between two of the people involved. Something as simple as this setting can be a fun way for everyone to play the game of solitaire together and to give them the chance to have a competitive and fast-paced experience.

While it means that others are out of the tournament, it becomes exciting to see who can come out on top at the end of the game. Again, this can be done in group settings, either in-person or online, making it easy for you to bring in large groups of people so that your solitaire cups can be as frenetic and as fun as possible!

The Benefits of Solitaire for Building Relationships

Building relationships can be extremely challenging, especially if you are someone without a diverse social life. Many of us grow up in a limited social circle, and when our lives adapt, we might find ourselves cut adrift from the people we used to call friends. It is easy to feel isolated when that happens, but games like solitaire provide an easy way to get online and meet new people in a fun setting.

Just some of the benefits that come from playing solitaire with others to build relationships include:

  • The chance to enjoy competitive fun. Nothing quite builds a friendship like being able to enjoy some competitive engagement against one another. This opens up the table for light-hearted banter and the chance to be more comfortable in one another’s company.
  • The ability to learn the game. By playing with other solitaire players, you begin to learn little tricks that you would never have played the game on your own. This further helps your relationship develop as you teach other things about the game you both love.
  • The opportunity to talk during matches. One big benefit of solitaire is that while it is serious, it is not serious enough that you shut off all contact. Think of it more like a puzzle race than an actual competition. This means you can enjoy conversation and build your bonds.
  • The joy of being out of your comfort zone. By talking to a potential stranger whilst playing a game you both know, you remove yourself from the same conversations you have with other people you know. This can make it easier to expand your interests.
  • The positive risk of seeing yourself differently. One primary issue that helps you back when it comes to forming relationships is how you see yourself. By meeting new people, they can give you fresh perspectives on who you are and what you are like.
  • The benefit of hearing new perspectives. By the same token, you might find that solitaire games with new people online – or offline – help you meet people outside your usual social interaction circle. This means that you hear new ideas and perspectives.

These benefits should give you a clear reason to consider using solitaire to your advantage when it comes to meeting new people and forming lasting friendships. As the above shows, there is always an opportunity to use solitaire to help you meet new people. 

Whether played online or with people you meet at a social club, solitaire is a tremendous way to form new relationships that you might never have discovered without this highly social card game. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, then, solitaire has many benefits that it brings to the table. Few games in the world can offer the same kind of excitement as some social solitaire. The fact that anyone can pick up the rules fairly quickly means that, unlike other card games, solitaire has a low barrier to entry.

This makes it easier for people to start playing the game against others and still have fun. If you were to try and play other cards or social games online, you might find the barrier to enjoyment is a little too high for you. That can put you off wanting to keep playing, but solitaire has none of those particular issues.

Yes, it can hurt to lose at anything. But solitaire is such a fun game to play that even ‘losing’ can still be a highly enjoyable experience. The fact that social solitaire forces you to learn the rules of the game and how it works means that you also will find that you are improving your confidence and skills within the game.

For that reason, solitaire looks set to retain its position as one of the best card games for social settings. Everyone can get involved, and the experience is enjoyable enough that beginners and experts alike can have some fun playing against each other. What other card game can say that? Improve your social interaction and immerse yourself in this world of card games by playing Solitaire online! In addition, you can develop yourself by discovering new interesting varieties of Solitaire, such as Mahjong SolitaireTriPeaksCastle Solitaire and many others. Start playing now with SubGame!