What Is Spider Solitaire 4 Suits?

Four suit spider solitaire is for players who want a real challenge as opposed to the easier version of solitaire played with one suit or even the intermediate variety with two suits. The game features two decks of standard playing cards. That means you have 104 cards you need to manipulate and move just the right way. Spider solitaire 4 suits online can be hard to win, but the right tips and tricks can help you become a spider solitaire 4 suits pro.

How Do You Win Spider Solitaire 4 Suits?

The cards are arranged into ten columns in the tableau to set up a game of free online spider solitaire 4 suits. You aim to sequence all cards from king to ace in a suit. After you’ve created four sequences of king to ace in each suit – you succeed! Here are some tips to help you on your way to winning.

  1. Turn over your face-down cards promptly – the more face-up cards you have, the more moves you can make.
  2. Before dealing, exhaust all your moves – a new card can cover up actions you may have missed, so be sure you are out of all movements before you deal again.
  3. Utilize your empty tableau piles – move any card into a blank column to expose the column or card underneath that is more useful.
  4. Always follow suit when possible – stack cards of the same suit before moving them based on number. This way, you can avoid trapping a helpful card.
  5. First, build on your high-value cards – build higher-value stacks of out-of-suit cards to minimize the number of cards you trap.
  6. Constantly rearrange – after you move a stack you have completed and moved to one the foundation piles, shuffle your cards before dealing again.

Strategies for Beginners Playing Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

If you are a beginner at spider solitaire 4 suits, it’s helpful to look at a few strategies that will help you master the game first.

  • Pay attention to your move order. If you play your moves in the correct order, you can accomplish more than one goal at once. 
  • Only move a king into a vacant column when it prevents you from moving so many cards that it is your only way to win.
  • Use a valuable resource like a rank that doesn’t have its prior-in-rank on top only when it is in your best interest to win the game. Your ace is the exception because it has no prior-in-rank.

Play 4 Suit Spider Solitaire Online Free for a Real Challenge

When you are bored because you’ve mastered single and double-suit solitaire, it’s time to step up your game and hone your skills in this solitaire variation. Follow the strategies and tips above to play spider solitaire 4 suits, and you will start winning lots of games in no time!