Spider Solitaire 1 Suit

All of us have definitely played the popular version of the Spider 4 suit game, also available on our website SubGame, but Spider solitaire one suit is definitely the easiest variation, allowing you to relax and have fun!

Spider solitaire one suit uses 104 cards (the equivalent of two decks without jokers) but all cards are usually spades (you can go with hearts if you feel like it!), so your chances of winning are always very high. This is your chance to learn more about this game and to play Spider solitaire one suit free!

The Rules of Spider Solitaire One Suit

The main premise of Spider solitaire one suit is easy. You just need to move cards to group them in downward order. So, for example, if you have a card with the number 7, you can move it to the pile with a card with the number 8 and reveal the one that was underneath. If you discover a number nine, you can move the new group (cards 8 and 7) to the pile with the number 9, and so on.

You can split spider sequences after you form them as well if you need to reuse numbers (like if you need to move cards 8 and 7, to a different 9). If you don’t have any more movements to make, and as long as you have cards in all of your columns, you can draw one from your stockpile. Once you build a full sequence, from kings to aces, you can clear that sequence from the tableau to the foundation. Clear up your whole tableau to win 1 suit solitaire!

How to Set Up a Game of Spider Solitaire One Suit

Setting up Spider solitaire 1 suit is quite easy! You will deal out 54 cards face down in ten piles: the first four piles will have six cards each, and the following six piles will have five cards each. The rest of the cards will go to our stockpile. You will then turn only the topmost card of your ten piles face up and start to play your free online spider solitaire 1 suit game!

How to Win a Spider Solitaire One Suit?

To win in Spider solitaire one suit, you need to build eight sequences in downward order from kings to aces. Once a sequence is built, it is removed from your board, and you keep playing with the remaining cards. Clear up the entire tableau to win the game of Spider solitaire one suit!

Strategies for Beginners of Spider Solitaire One Suit

  • Try to clear out spaces as soon as possible, that way you can build groups of cards faster!
  • Sometimes the most obvious move is not the best one. Try to learn to look over the whole board and find a combination of movements that can develop the best strategy to accomplish something useful, like clearing a column or revealing a hidden card.
  • Kings and aces are tricky in Spider solitaire one suit. Kings are the only cards that you can’t play on top of another, so they can block a column for a while, unless you move them to an empty one. Try to make it a priority! Aces are the opposite: You can’t move cards below them, so you will find yourself not being able to use that column until you can move the ace to a two. 
  • Don’t stress out and give up if you don’t see any move! Sometimes, you just need to breathe and go over the board again. Patience is very important in Spider solitaire one suit, and you can have new ideas that can lead you to a victory! And since Spider solitaire one suit is rather simple, all you need is to just keep practicing!

Expanding the Web: Unique Alternatives to Spider Solitaire One Suit

Spider Solitaire One Suit has long been a favorite for card game enthusiasts who enjoy a blend of strategy and simplicity. The game's single-suit format keeps things relatively uncomplicated, but if you're keen to branch out, there are other variants and games to explore. Let's have a look at some of them.

Spider Solitaire Two Suit: Doubling the Intricacy

After becoming proficient in Spider Solitaire One Suit, you might be ready for a moderate uptick in challenge. Spider Solitaire Two Suit provides just that. It involves a similar layout and set of rules but adds a second suit, thereby increasing the game's complexity without making it overwhelming.

Spider Solitaire 4 Suit: The Strategist's Playground

Are you feeling ambitious? Spider Solitaire 4 Suit will put your card skills to the ultimate test. With four suits to manage, this game calls for advanced strategic planning and a keen eye for opportunity. It's a natural escalation for players who want to move beyond the limitations of a single suit.

Big Spider Solitaire: Stretching the Web

For an innovative twist on the classic game, Big Spider Solitaire introduces new dimensions to keep players engaged. With additional tableau rows and sometimes even unique cards or modified rules, this variant promises to keep even the most seasoned Spider Solitaire players intrigued.

Try the game 

Free Spider solitaire one suit online is great to start learning how to play Spider solitaire one suit and gaining experience before moving to more complicated levels. Even if you don’t want to raise the challenge, Spider solitaire one suit can be incredibly fun as you spend hours on an easy and relaxing game, appropriate for all age groups. Let’s have fun with Spider solitaire one suit!

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