Scorpion Solitaire

In a variety of card games, Scorpion Solitaire is considered one of the more complex ones. In fact, you can nail it once you learn the rules, how to use the layout features to your advantage, and what are the most promising strategies. Read on to learn the nuts and bolts of the game and start winning.

Scorpion Solitaire Rules

Scorpion Solitaire is similar to the Spider Solitaire game in terms of the gaming process. Still, it is simpler than the difficult options of Spider that utilize all the suits. There are also several differences in the layout, moves, and associated strategies.


To play Scorpion Solitaire, you should use a standard 52-card deck. The initial tableau, also called the Scorpion’s body, includes seven rows with seven cards in each. The first four cards on the left in the top three rows are dealt face-down. All the other cards in the tableau are face-up. While 49 cards are used in the tableau, the remaining three are placed face-down in the top left corner. These three cards serve as stock and are called a Tail. Finally, four empty cells on the right are called Head, where players build foundation piles.

And, like any card game, online services offering Scorpion Solitaire make it far more convenient to play. You don’t have to spend time setting up the layout. Simply tap “Play” and begin!


The goal of the game is to arrange all the cards from the tableau into four piles. The final piles should be placed into foundations, and each of them should be arranged by suit and order: from Aces to Kings. Choose any website with a free Scorpion Solitaire game and let’s practice in achieving this goal! The moves you should grasp to play it are explained below.

Moves in Scorpion Solitaire

To build the sequences from Kings to Aces in the tableau in Scorpion Solitaire, you can make the following moves:

  • Place one card on another card if they are of the same suit and differ in one rank. A Five of Spades can be placed on the Six of Spades, and so on.
  • Move a group of cards even if the sequence is mixed. The main rule remains the same: the top card in the group should be of the same suit and one rank lower than the one you place it on.
  • Reveal the face-down card if it is not blocked by face-up ones.
  • Take the cards from Tail if you lack other options to make moves.
  • Move a King card to an empty column since there is no card higher than a King.
  • Move a completed sequence to foundations.

When you play Scorpion Solitaire free online, you can also make use of the following moves and features:

  • Undo. Use this button if you see yourself in a bind. It will help you try other options and strategies.
  • Hints. A website can show you available moves when you get stuck.

The Strategy of Scorpion Solitaire

Solitaire Scorpion may seem complex, but like any other Solitaire game, it has winning approaches and tricks. Aside from using Hints and the Undo button, you can implement the following strategies:

  • Use available face-up cards to the maximum. There is no need to reveal all the cards as soon as possible for two reasons. You already have 37 available cards, and additional ones can make it difficult to pay enough attention.
  • Avoid making empty cells if you don’t have a King card. Since only a King can be placed there, without it, an empty cell will only limit the options.
  • Remember about the Tail. There are three more cards available in stock, and you can use them anytime.
  • Try to resolve ascending sequences early. Since final sequences should be descending, growing ranks can make it difficult to proceed with the game. Try to keep your columns descending, and it will simplify the process.
  • Avoid making moves that lead to deadlocks. An example of a deadlock is when a Five of Hearts is covered by a Four of Spades, and a Five of Spades is covered by a Four of Hearts. Another example is when there is a mix of cards of the same suit, with higher-ranked ones covering lower-ranked ones.

Exploring the World Beyond Scorpion Solitaire: Kindred Spirits in Card Games

Scorpion Solitaire is well-known for its intricate rules and layered strategies, offering a challenge that's both engaging and thought-provoking. If you're a fan of this fascinating card game, you might find yourself curious about other solitaire games that evoke a similar blend of strategy and skill. Here are some games you might find equally captivating:

Double Scorpion Solitaire: A Dual Challenge

For those who find the standard Scorpion Solitaire to be a walk in the park, Double Scorpion Solitaire adds an extra layer of complexity by incorporating a second deck of cards into the tableau. This variant requires an even deeper understanding of strategy and planning, making it a compelling option for veteran players of Scorpion Solitaire.

Spider Solitaire: Weaving a Web of Strategy

Spider Solitaire and Scorpion Solitaire share a lot of similarities, especially in the game mechanics involving sequences and tableau organization. If you love the complex arrangement of cards in Scorpion Solitaire, Spider Solitaire will be right up your alley.

Yukon Solitaire: The Northern Cousin

Yukon Solitaire offers a tableau that is partially revealed, somewhat like Scorpion Solitaire. The strategy here also involves moving sequences of cards between tableau piles, making it another stimulating game for fans of Scorpion Solitaire.

Josephine Solitaire: A Hidden Gem in the Realm of Strategy

Josephine Solitaire may not have the celebrity status of Scorpion Solitaire, but it's a game that delivers its own brand of cerebral engagement. Unlike the tableau arrangement in Scorpion, Josephine incorporates a mix of obscured and revealed cards, inviting you into a puzzle that's as challenging as it is rewarding. Though it doesn't boast as large of a following, its gameplay intricacies, which revolve around careful sequencing and savvy tableau manipulation, make it a worthy contender for those enchanted by strategic card games. If you've relished the depths of Scorpion Solitaire, consider delving into the understated elegance of Josephine Solitaire for a fresh but comparable challenge.

Play Scorpion now

Scorpion Solitaire has clear rules, and online services allow for playing it online for free and have unlimited attempts. With some practice, you will better understand what strategies work. Choose the website and try to play Scorpion Solitaire online!


Get answers to all your questions!

Why is Scorpion Solitaire so hard?

Scorpion Solitaire has a tricky rule that allows to move mixed groups of cards, which may lead to a mix-up in the tableau and limit further moves. However, with enough practice, you can win Scorpion Solitaire as frequently as any other Solitaire game of the same difficulty level.

What is the difference between Scorpion and Wasp solitaire?

Scorpion Solitaire and Wasp Solitaire have only one difference. All the rules, including the initial layout, available moves, and the final goal. However, while in Scorpion Solitaire you can only place a King in an empty cell, Wasp allows any card to take that space.

Is Scorpion Solitaireeasy to play? 

Scorpion Solitaire is among the more difficult card games, but it becomes simpler with time. In the beginning, remember to use Undo and Hints when playing Scorpion online to raise your chances to succeed. Explore and try different strategies, and you will find your own way to win it.

How to beat Scorpion Solitaire?

The main tips to winning free Scorpion Solitaire games include revealing face-down cards as soon as possible, checking every move to be strategically beneficial, and avoiding creating deadlocks.

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