Double Scorpion Solitaire

The list of challenging card games definitely includes Double Scorpion Solitaire, a puzzle played with two decks of cards. The percentage of winning hands is quite low, but it is possible to nail the game. Read on to know the features of the setup and the winning tips.

Double Scorpion Solitaire Rules

The rules of Double Scorpion align with the rules of Scorpion and Spider. There are only several differences in the layout. Here are the main elements and goals.


The final objective is similar to other Solitaire games. Players should reveal all the cards and arrange them into sequences by suit. Every run should be in descending order, from Kings to Aces. Once the sequence is completed, it is removed from the tableau.


The tableau in Double Scorpion includes all 104 cards. It has eleven rows, where ten rows have ten cards each and the last one has four cards. The 25 cards located in the top left quarter are face-down and all the others are face-up. Play Double Scorpion Solitaire online to not bother making a layout by yourself and use a ready-made tableau!


There is no stockpile in Double Scorpion Solitaire. All 104 cards from the two decks form the initial tableau. You can only build sequences using them without additional cards.

Strategy of Double Scorpion Solitaire

The tableau of Double Scorpion Solitaire may look cluttered. Here are a few tips that may help you reveal more cards and increase the odds of winning:

  1. Start with the lowest rows. Start with the most available cards and check for potential pairs.
  2. Remember that you can use non-sequential groups of cards if the paired cards meet the suit and rank requirements. So, when you see a card you want to cover, check for its pair in other columns.
  3. Prioritize. Since there are two decks, you may have two options for choosing a pair for the same single card. Choose the one that will bring more opportunities for your further gameplay.
  4. Create empty cells. Only a King can fill an empty column, so if you have one, consider moving it to a separate column.
  5. Try to reveal face-down cards as soon as possible. Try to move the sequences to fitting cards to reveal more cards. It will help to make longer runs.

You can play Double Scorpion Solitaire for free online to also use hints. The website will highlight available cards, so it will be easier to win.

Venturing Beyond the Double Sting: Card Games That Complement Double Scorpion

If you're a fan of Double Scorpion's dual decks and demanding strategy, then you're likely open to experiencing other card games that offer comparable depth and complexity. Here are a few games that will whet your strategic appetite:

Scorpion Solitaire: The Single-Deck Progenitor

If you find Double Scorpion enthralling, consider trying its single-deck predecessor, Scorpion Solitaire. It offers a similar tableau-building experience but with a slightly simplified setup. It serves as an excellent gateway for those new to this family of solitaire games or as a quick yet engaging alternative for veterans of Double Scorpion.

Spider Solitaire: Navigating the Silken Maze

Like Double Scorpion, Spider Solitaire employs two decks and requires sequences of the same suit to clear the tableau. This game has a reputation for being tough but rewarding, providing a rich strategic experience that resonates well with Double Scorpion aficionados.

Russian Solitaire: Braving the Cold with Cards

In Russian Solitaire, you'll find echoes of Double Scorpion's tableau-building techniques. Though it imposes more stringent rules on moving cards, its unforgiving gameplay is well-suited for those who relish the complexities of Double Scorpion.

Yukon Solitaire: Journey to the Untamed Wilderness

Yukon Solitaire allows you to move card groups freely, even if they are not in sequence—much like Double Scorpion. The challenge lies in reorganizing these groups to clear the tableau, requiring keen strategic insight.

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Double Solitaire may seem twice more difficult compared to standard Solitaire, but you can grasp the rules through practice. PlayDouble Scorpion Solitaireonline for free to have unlimited opportunities. Try different winning strategies and find out your own tips to win and have fun!

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