Russian Solitaire Online

Embark on a journey into the realm of Russian Solitaire. Not just another card game but a mesmerizing blend of skill, strategy, and a pinch of luck. Dive deep to unravel its secrets, strategies, and the history that makes free Russian solitaire stand out in the vast world of solitaire games.

Rules of Russian Solitaire

Navigating the world of Russian Solitaire free online requires understanding its unique ruleset. Let's dive into the core objective that sets the tone for the entire game.

Objective of Russian Solitaire

Your objective? To shift all cards to the foundation piles in a precise ascending sequence. But remember, with no stock or waste piles in Russian Solitaire, your reliance on the tableau piles adds a layer of challenge that distinguishes it from classic solitaire. Play your cards right, and victory is just a few moves away.

Types of Piles in Russian Solitaire

  • Foundation piles
    The foundation piles start empty but will become the main stage for your victory as you fill them up with cards, commencing with aces. You will need room for four foundation piles.
  • Tableau piles
    These shuffled decks of cards laid out on the table are where most of your strategy will come into play. With the tableau piles, you will need seven piles.

Setup of Russian Solitaire

Here’s how you set up a game of Russian Solitaire.

  1. Choose Your Space: Begin by ensuring you have a flat surface spacious enough for seven tableau piles and an additional space to the right for four foundation piles.
  2. Start with the Tableau:
    1. Lay down one card face-up. This is your first tableau pile.
    2. For the second pile, place one card face-down, then lay a card face-up on top of it.
    3. For the third pile, place two cards face-down, followed by a card face-up.
    4. Continue this pattern. By the time you reach the seventh tableau pile, you should have six cards face-down with a face-up card on top.
  3. Second to seventh tableau piles
    Starting from the second tableau pile and proceeding to the seventh, deal five additional cards face-up on top of each pile. The first tableau pile should remain as is, with only one face-up card.
  4. Prepare the Foundation Piles
    To the right of your tableau, reserve space for four foundation piles. These will remain empty at the start but will be where you'll transfer cards from the tableau as you play.
  5. Deck Verification
    If set up correctly, all 52 cards of your deck should be on the tableau, leaving you with no extra cards.
  6. Game On
    With everything in place, you're now ready to dive into the challenging and addictive world of Russian Solitaire.

How to Play Russian Solitaire

Playing Russian Solitaire involves skillfully moving cards. The objective is to shift cards from the tableau to foundation piles. Each foundation pile starts with an ace, progressing up to a king, all within the same suit.

In the tableau, you can move a card to another pile only if it's a rank lower and matches the suit. All face-up cards in the tableau are free to be moved. If you come across an empty tableau pile, remember that only a king can fill that spot.

The true challenge of Russian solitaire lies in its reliance on the tableau, given there's no waste or stockpiles to draw from. If you find yourself with no available moves, you'll need to start over. A key Russian Solitaire strategy is to consistently reveal face-down cards, as this will give you more play options and potentially pave the way to victory.

Tips for Russian Solitaire

Russian Solitaire is more than just rules; it's about smart strategies. With its straightforward gameplay, each move is crucial. For a better chance at winning, keep these tips in mind:

  • Reveal Cards Strategically
    Prioritize unveiling face-down cards; they often hold the keys to advancing your game.
  • Build Thoughtfully
    While building foundation piles is essential, it's crucial not to rush. Take time to expose as many cards as possible first.
  • Kings in Command
    Use empty tableau spots wisely by placing kings. This move can help clear other columns.
  • Patience is Virtue
    The game's complexity necessitates a calm approach. Rash decisions can halt potential game-progressing moves.
  • Clarity Through Revealing
    The more cards you have face-up, the clearer your strategy can become. It's easier to strategize with more information at hand.

By keeping these pointers in mind, you'll be better equipped to navigate the challenges of Russian Solitaire and come out victorious.

Siblings in Complexity: Games Similar to Russian Solitaire

Yukon Solitaire

Often considered the closest relative to Russian Solitaire, Yukon also features tableau columns that are partially built down by suit. However, the game provides more leniency in moving stacks of cards, making it slightly less brutal than its Russian cousin.


Although fundamentally different in layout, Freecell requires a similar level of strategic planning and foresight. Players have more freedom to move cards, but the limited "free cells" mean that you must think several moves ahead.

Spider Solitaire

Played with two decks and focusing on complete tableau sequences, Spider Solitaire demands a high level of skill and the ability to manipulate multiple card stacks. Like Russian Solitaire, the game becomes exponentially challenging based on the intricacy of its rules.

Double Solitaire

Sharing some similarities in gameplay mechanics with Russian Solitaire, Double Solitaire adds a competitive edge that makes the game uniquely engaging. Like Russian Solitaire, it involves managing tableau columns and foundations but brings in the element of racing against another player to complete the game.

Play Russian Solitaire

Russian Solitaire is more than just a pastime; it's a challenging mental exercise. With every move, every strategy, and every win or lose, there's a lesson to be learned, a skill to be honed. So, deal your cards, and may your Russian Solitaire game be as thrilling as the journey of mastering it.


Finally, let’s answer some questions about Russian Solitaire.

Is it possible to win Russian Solitaire?

Absolutely! The goal is to strategically shift all cards to the foundation piles in the appropriate sequence and suit.

What is the hardest type of solitaire?

Russian Solitaire is tough, but others like Scorpion and Spider vie for the title of the toughest as well.

What are some benefits of playing Russian solitaire?

It's a fantastic way to kill time, fend off boredom, relax the mind, and hone strategic thinking. Plus, it's incredibly fun!

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