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Are you ready to explore the beauty and challenge of Poker Solitaire (Poker squares)? It combines the rules of two card games, and you can grasp its essence with the help of our guide. Read on to learn more about the layout, gameplay, scoring, and other features.

Rules of Poker Solitaire

The rules of the Poker Solitaire card game are simple if you are already familiar with Poker hands. Otherwise, start learning them! All the necessary details, including the types of hands and the gameplay features, are disclosed below.

The Goal of Poker Solitaire

What you should aim to achieve in Solitaire Poker doesn’t differ much from standard Poker. You have to create specific types of sequences that bring you points. The more points you earn, the closer you are to victory!


The initial layout in Poker Solitaire is mostly empty because you will fill it during the game. It includes four elements:

  1. Stock. All 52 cards are placed there face-down.
  2. Waste. Once you draw a card, it first goes to discard, not to the tableau.
  3. Tableau. It is formed by five rows of five cells each. It is where you will make your Poker hands.
  4. Discard. You get four extra cells to keep the cards you don’t need at the moment.

Scoring in Poker Solitaire

The main trick of the Poker Solitaire games is that you should consider both horizontal and vertical types of hands when creating them. All ten hands will be calculated when the game ends. However, it also brings flexibility and increased chances for those who only start learning the game. These are the types of hands you can create and their value:

  • 2 points: A pair. Two same-ranked cards and any three cards.
  • 5 points: Two pairs. Two pairs of same-ranked cards and any extra card.
  • 10 points: Three of a kind. Three same-ranked cards and two extra cards.
  • 15 points: Straight. Five cards of any suit make a sequence.
  • 20 points: Flush. Five cards of the same suit regardless of their rank.
  • 25 points: Full house. A pair of same-ranked cards and three other same-ranked cards.
  • 50 points: Four of a kind. Four same-ranked cards and one extra card.
  • 75 points: Straight flush. Five cards of the same suit make a sequence.
  • 100 points: Royal flush. A Ten, a Jack, a Queen, a King, and an Ace of the same suit.


The gameplay of Poker Solitaire is straightforward and follows the next rules:

  1. You can draw one card at a time, and only one card can be in Waste. You should move it either to the tableau or a discard.
  2. You can place a card in any cell in the tableau, it’s not necessary to fill them one by one.
  3. You cannot move a card within the tableau. Once you choose a spot for it, the card remains there.

When you play Poker Solitaire online free, you can also take advantage of the Undo button. By canceling one or several moves, you can try another strategy and improve your odds of winning.

Card Game Crossovers: Diving Deeper into the World of Poker Solitaire

Poker Solitaire blends the thrill of Poker with the strategic solitude of Solitaire games, making it a hit among those who enjoy both card genres. If this unique fusion has you hooked, then you'll likely find the following games engaging for their own special reasons:

Pyramid Solitaire: Adding it All Up

In Pyramid Solitaire, each play involves mental arithmetic as you attempt to eliminate cards by forming pairs that sum to 13. While it may not incorporate Poker's hand-ranking system, Pyramid Solitaire encourages you to think multiple steps ahead—much like planning the best Poker hands in Poker Solitaire.

Klondike Solitaire: Where Luck Meets Strategy

Klondike Solitaire is essentially the poster child for Solitaire games. Though it doesn't involve forming Poker hands, Klondike does offer a similar blend of luck and tactical planning. You must carefully decide the order in which you'll reveal and move cards, keeping a keen eye on potential future moves, just as you must in Poker Solitaire.

FreeCell: The Transparent Challenge

One of the standout features of FreeCell is that all cards are visible right from the get-go. While this removes some elements of luck, it dramatically increases the strategic component. Just like Poker Solitaire, each move in FreeCell can impact your future options, making every decision crucial.

Play Poker Solitaire

The main thing to do before playing Poker Solitaire is to learn the kinds of available hands. Then, you can try to make them horizontally or vertically to earn as many points as possible. Try free Poker Solitaire today and get an amazing experience!

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