Osmosis Solitaire Online

If you were looking for a totally different and more flexible single-player card game, Osmosis Solitaire is worth trying. This card game might seem challenging in the beginning, but with time, you will get used to its meditative nature. Read on to know how exactly Osmosis Solitaire differs from other versions and how to win it.

Rules of Osmosis Solitaire

Solitaire Osmosis is a unique game that is relatively difficult but still engaging. You have to be ready to think several moves ahead when playing it. The layout may change at any moment, so you should be ready to come up with a new strategy.


The goal of Osmosis Solitaire is similar to many other Solitaire games. It requires you to arrange all 52 cards into four foundations by suit. However, the process of arranging them is different. Below, we explain the details.


To play Osmosis Solitaire successfully, you have to understand its layout first. The tableau is not stable in this game, and you need to be attentive to all the areas.


Foundations are four vertical cells, and only one of them has a card. The remaining three should be filled during the game. The sequence in each foundation should be of the same suit.


Reserve in Osmosis Solitaire includes only 16 cards. Only the top cards are face-up and can be used while others are concealed. 


Stock contains all the cards left after creating the reserve and placing a card in the foundation pile. In the Osmosis Solitaire game, you can go through the stockpile as many times as you need.


A waste pile is an area where you draw the cards from the stockpile. In Osmosis Solitaire, you draw three cards at a time, and only the top of them is available.


The main rule you should remember about Osmosis Solitaire is that wherever you take a card, you can move it only to foundations. The cards from stock cannot be placed in the reserve. Other rules are the next:

  1. The card in the first foundation sets the rank for all other foundation piles. It means that if you have a Four in the first one, you have to place Fours in other cells as well.
  2. The final Foundation should include all the cards of the suit. So, if the sequence starts with a Four, it will proceed with a Five and a Six until you get a King, and then you proceed with an Ace, a Two, and a Three to complete the pile.
  3. Only those ranks of cards added to the first foundation can be added to other foundations.
  4. You don’t need to wait for a card that is only one rank higher. The goal is to collect the same suit, and during the game, the cards can be added in any order. 

The Strategy of Osmosis Solitaire

There is no specific strategy for Osmosis Solitaire because the game is pretty straightforward. You should only be attentive to the cards you already have in the first foundation sequence to make sure you can add them to other piles. The Osmosis Solitaire online game also gives you a chance to change your moves. You can use the Undo button to get back and try another approach.

A Deep Dive Into Strategy: Games That Resonate with Osmosis Solitaire Aficionados

Osmosis Solitaire sets itself apart with its fascinating 'osmosis' mechanism, where cards migrate from the tableau to the foundations in a unique way. If you're enamored with the mechanics and strategy of Osmosis Solitaire, you'll likely find these alternative games similarly engaging:

FreeCell: The Transparent Challenge

FreeCell's tableau is fully exposed at the start of the game, enabling a player to strategize more effectively. Although it lacks the osmotic feature that defines Osmosis Solitaire, FreeCell presents its own universe of strategic decisions that can appeal to a thinking player.

Canfield Solitaire: Betting on Skill and Luck

Originating from a gambling background, Canfield Solitaire blends elements of chance and strategy. The game has stock and waste piles much like Osmosis, and it requires a combination of planning and luck. Its mechanics offer a different but satisfying depth of gameplay.

Pyramid Solitaire: Ascending to Strategic Heights

In Pyramid Solitaire, the tableau is shaped like a pyramid, and the objective is to eliminate cards by pairing them to sum to a certain number. Though it diverges from the osmosis concept, the game demands a unique form of strategy that can captivate Osmosis Solitaire fans.

Spider Solitaire: Spinning a Web of Decisions

Spider Solitaire uses two decks and allows sequences to be formed from King to Ace in the tableau. Although the rules differ, the game's complexity and requirement for strategic foresight provide a rich gaming experience that will resonate with those who enjoy Osmosis Solitaire.

Play Osmosis Solitaire

Osmosis Solitaire is a unique card game. Your strategy may require changes in just a few moves. However, if you remember the above-mentioned rules and use winning tips, you have many chances to succeed in the game.

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