Eight Off Solitaire

You can play a variety of games using a single 52-card deck of cards, and one of them is Eight Off Solitaire. If you are a fan of standard Solitaire games, FreeCell, this variation may be a good find! It is easy to grasp and provides wide flexibility in the gaming process. Below, you will find a detailed review of the rules, layout, and tips that can help you win.

Rules of Eight off Solitaire

The process of playing the Eight Off Solitaire card game includes creating sequences in the tableau and building foundations. The sequences should be descending and of the same suit. The rules are quite strict, but eight extra cells can make it easier if you establish a clear strategy.

At the beginning of the game, you already have four cards in free cells that can be used as stock. It’s better to first check the cards in the tableau before using them so as to not mess up the layout too fast.


The layout of the 8 Off Solitaire game is pretty similar to FreeCell, but there are a few differences. Here is how to set up the game:

  1. Take your deck of 52 playing cards and deal six rows with eight cards in each. All the dealt cards should be face-up. It is the tableau.
  2. Deal four remaining cards face-up on top of the tableau, leaving four more empty cells on the right of them. These are the eight free cells.
  3. Keep some free space on top of the free cells or on the left from the tableau to build four foundation piles there.


The objective of the Eight Off Solitaire game is to create four foundation piles. Every pile should be of the same suit. The order of the cards in every foundation is from an Ace to a King.


Eight Off Solitaire game includes different types of moves that align with the following rules:

  • A card can be moved if it is of the same suit and one rank lower.
  • A sequence of same-suited descending cards can be moved to another place.
  • Any card can be moved to the free cells. But, it can be moved back only if the above requirement is met.
  • A card from the free cells can be moved to the tableau or directly to the foundations.
  • A King can be moved from the free cells to the tableau only if there is a free column.
  • A free column can be filled with a King only.
  • The cards can be moved right to the foundations if they make an ascending order there. The foundations are built from Aces to Kings.
  • Move the cards to foundations whenever possible. Since in Eight Off Solitaire, you initially build sequences by suit, there is no need to keep suitable cards in the tableau.

When you play Eight Off Solitaire online, the service will allow you to make only available moves. You can also use automatic Hints when you find yourself stuck and thus learn the specifics through practice. Finally, check out the Undo option to get back if your moves appear to be unsuccessful.

The Strategy of Eight Off Solitaire

The skill of strategic thinking is necessary to play Solitaire games, and Eight Off is no exception. You have to check for relations between moves and try to predict the possible consequences of moving every card to win.

The basic strategy for Eight Off Solitaire is to first focus on the tableau. Try not to move any card to free cells but check which move will bring more benefits. Below are a few more detailed tips on how to make a game more engaging and fun.

Tips for Winning Eight Off Solitaire

When you play the Eight Off Solitaire card game, you can use these simple tips to increase the chances of success:

  1. Check for Aces and Twos. These cards form the base of foundations, so it can be a wise move to reveal and clear them first.
  2. Use free cells smartly. Move a card when you know the advantages of this decision. Check if you can use this card later or whether the revealed cards can help build foundations sooner.
  3. Avoid looking for single cards for foundations. Focus on building sequences instead of building foundations directly. It will help you group available cards accordingly and proceed with the game step by step.
  4. Add a King to the free cells. Once you have an empty column, you can fill it immediately in this case. Otherwise, an empty column can limit the number of moves.

Try different tips to find out what works best for your gaming experience. You can establish your own tips and strategies for Eight Off Solitaire and use them when each of them fits.

Similar Games to Eight Off Solitaire

If you find Eight Off Solitaire appealing for its unique blend of strategy and luck, you may also enjoy other card games that offer a similar experience. Here are a couple of games you might want to explore:

FreeCell: The Logical Alternative

FreeCell is a close relative to Eight Off Solitaire and features similar gameplay elements, including a tableau and "free cells" for temporarily holding cards. Known for its almost entirely skill-based gameplay, FreeCell deals are often winnable with optimal strategy, making it a hit among solitaire enthusiasts.

Klondike Solitaire: The Ubiquitous Classic

Although it lacks the "free cells" found in Eight Off, Klondike Solitaire does offer a tableau setup that will be familiar to Eight Off fans. This classic game is a staple in the solitaire world and offers a simpler, yet engaging alternative for those who enjoy the strategic elements of Eight Off.

Play Eight Off Solitaire now

Now you know how to set up the game if you decide to play Eight Off Solitaire with real cards. You can also play free Eight Off Solitaire online and have both practice and fun! Try different strategies, use the Undo button to check for new approaches, and use Hints when the game feels stuck, and you’ll have a good time playing.


Get answers to all your questions!

How do you play the Eight Off Solitaire game?

Eight Off is similar to many other Solitaire games but there are some unique features. It requires players to create descending sequences in the tableau and build foundations by suit. There are also eight additional spaces that allow for better planning of the next moves.

Can you win every Eight Off Solitaire game?

Whether you set up the layout with real cards or play Eight Off Solitaire for free online, you can’t win each and every hand. Even with all the face-up cards and eight additional cells, sometimes the needed cards get blocked by others. However, you can always try to use the Undo option to try different ways to play the same game.

Is Eight Off Solitaire a simple game?

Eight Off Solitaire is a middle-level difficulty game. It has strict rules in terms of creating sequences but also allows for storing extra cards. With practice, Eight Off can be tackled like any other Solitaire game.

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