Easy Jigsaw Puzzles Online

There are many different types of jigsaws: some are easy jigsaw puzzles, and some are harder but it’s true that there is a jigsaw puzzle for everyone. Easy jigsaw puzzles are used for young children to help with development; they can be very educational depending on the jigsaw you buy and they are also used to help dementia patients as they can improve memory and thought processes. However, if you assume that enjoying jigsaws is limited to just old people and young children, please know that this isn’t the case. People of all ages can and do enjoy jigsaws as they are not only good fun by themselves but even more fun if it becomes a family activity – you just have to find the right ones.

Easy Jigsaw Puzzles

There are many different types of easy jigsaw puzzles including free easy jigsaw puzzles which can be found online. However, there are many classic easy jigsaw puzzles that you might already know of including 2D easy jigsaw puzzles and floor jigsaws. You’ll be most familiar with a 2D jigsaw puzzle as they are the most common, that can depict any image, from the alphabet (for small children) to elegant watercolor landscapes. They also vary in number of pieces, for an easy jigsaw puzzle you can be looking at anywhere from 4 pieces to 500 depending on your purpose and the age of the person this jigsaw is for.

Other types of easy jigsaw puzzles include 3D jigsaws which are similar to 2D jigsaws except in the end they form a 3D model. These can also have varying patterns from children’s cartoon characters to well-known monuments. Another type of puzzle that is considered an easy jigsaw puzzle is the floor puzzles which are often recommended for very young children as they have very large pieces and simplistic patterns, often of animals.

Purposes of Jigsaws

There are many different purposes for jigsaws including some mentioned earlier (for young children and dementia patients).

Easy jigsaw puzzles are a good tool to entertain young children (as parents discovered during the lockdown) but they not only entertain but can teach young children simple concepts like letters and colors.

Adults use a variety of puzzles to de-stress including coloring books and jigsaw puzzles. This is because the jigsaw forces the person to focus on the puzzle in front of them instead of the stresses in their lives.

Free easy jigsaw puzzles can be found online and are favored by many because of their ease and accessibility – you don’t have to worry about missing a piece of your puzzle!

Apart from the obvious purposes of jigsaw puzzles like entertainment they’re also very beneficial for your mind: just playing free easy jigsaw puzzles improves your short-term memory and problem-solving skills, and can reduce the risk of developing dementia. Some free jigsaw puzzles online sites even have a points-based reward system or a community aspect to join in with.


If you have questions regarding jigsaw puzzles, we hope that you will find the answers below as we are going to answer some of them to clear up any confusion so you can get to playing!

How do I choose my first jigsaw puzzle?

There are many to choose from but consider the challenge you are looking for, so a low number of pieces and a simple design would be a good start. If you’re not sure whether you like jigsaw puzzles you can start with free easy jigsaw puzzles online.

How long do jigsaw puzzles take?

This varies depending on your experience with jigsaw puzzles and its complexity. If it is an easy jigsaw puzzle then it won’t take too much time but some jigsaws can take hours, days, or even weeks to complete!

How do I start a jigsaw puzzle?

We recommend that you start by finding all the edge pieces and lining them up with the picture and then work on filling in the rest of it, starting with more defined, larger parts first.

What do I do if I can’t find a piece?

Double check! Usually, the piece is there (and the piece will definitely be there if you play with free easy jigsaw puzzles online) so look again.

What do I do once I’ve finished the jigsaw?

You can dismantle it and put it back in the box for another day or you can use a puzzle glue to stick the completed jigsaw together so you can keep it or even display it in a frame.

We hope this has been informative for people of all ages that are interested in easy jigsaw puzzles!

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