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Dragon Solitaire is not as popular as standard Solitaire variations but still can bring an amazing experience. Its rules are not strict, and the objective is simple. Read on to know the details of the setup and gameplay.

How to Play Dragon Solitaire

To play Solitaire Dragon, you need only one deck of 52 cards. It has a simple layout and clear rules for making sequences in the tableau. Here is how to play it and what is the final goal of the game.

Objective of Dragon Solitaire

The main goal of Solitaire Dragon is to distribute all the cards into four piles. Every pile should contain cards of the same suit. The cards within the piles have to be arranged from Aces to Kings.


The layout of the Dragon Solitaire game includes only two elements. These are a tableau and the cells for foundation piles.


Like many other Solitaire card games, Dragon Solitaire has an area for building foundations. Since it is played with only one deck, there are four foundations.


The tableau in Dragon Solitaire has seven columns. They follow the next rules:

  • The first column is completely face up while others have both face-up and face-down cards.
  • The columns from the first to the third have eight cards and four remaining columns have seven cards each.
  • The number of face-down cards grows gradually from one in the second column to six in the last one.

Available Moves

The cards in Dragon Solitaire should be arranged by suit even in the tableau. You can only pair same-suited cards that differ in one rank and form a descending order For example, a Five of Hearts can be placed on top of the Six of Hearts. But you can move any card to make such pairs, even if it is covered with other cards. If you have an empty column, you can restart it with any card you find suitable.

Navigating the Dragon's Lair: Unique Alternatives to Dragon Solitaire

Dragon Solitaire has garnered a fan following for its compelling twist on traditional Solitaire mechanics. For those who have mastered its complexities and crave similarly thrilling challenges, here are some card games that could become your next obsession:

Spider Solitaire: Master of Strategic Web

With its two decks and an emphasis on building sequences from King to Ace, Spider Solitaire offers a labyrinth of choices for the strategically-minded player. The multi-layered planning involved can serve as an attractive alternative to Dragon Solitaire's puzzle-solving element.

Yukon Solitaire: The Wilderness of Decisions

In Yukon Solitaire, parts of the tableau are revealed, providing a unique mix of luck and skill. The game allows more movement options than Dragon Solitaire, making each game a unique puzzle that might appeal to Dragon Solitaire veterans looking for a fresh challenge.

TriPeaks Solitaire: A Trilogy of Challenges

TriPeaks Solitaire offers a mountain range of challenges in its triangular tableau. Although structurally different from Dragon Solitaire, the satisfaction of solving its peaks will resonate with players who appreciate the intricate arrangements of Dragon Solitaire.

Crescent Solitaire: The Wax and Wane of Strategy

Crescent Solitaire adds a twist by featuring dual foundation piles: one ascending and the other descending. This duality injects a unique strategic depth into the gameplay, adding new shades of complexity for those who have mastered Dragon Solitaire.

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Dragon Solitaire is a simple game you can try if you get bored with popular versions of the game. Learn the rules, check for credible websites, and play Dragon Solitaire online for free!

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