Crazy Quilt Solitaire

Crazy Quilt Solitaire is a card game that can be a wonderful way to relax and escape your everyday life. With its easy-to-remember rules, it has proven to be highly well-known, however, still a complex and inspiring game.

Crazy Quilt Solitaire

The game of Crazy Quilt Solitaire differs a lot compared to the usual Solitaire games you might be thinking of. This Solitaire version is played with two decks of playing cards where the player must sort the cards in suits. The trick is that half the sorting piles needs to be arranged in ascending order (up from an Ace to a King) and the other – in descending order (down from the King to the Ace). The name of this variation comes from the fact that the setup of the tableau cards resembles a quilt or a carpet with different patterns.

How to play Crazy Quilt Solitaire

To start playing the game of Solitaire Crazy Quilt, the player can only move the cards which have a short side free. That means that that side of the card is not touching any of the other cards. When first starting the game, only half the cards will be available around the edge of the quilt, however, when the player starts pulling on those threads, more moves should become available.

The waste pile can be used to store cards from the quilt, but the player can only do that if the cards are higher or lower in rank than the current waste card. By doing this, a player can hopefully unlock more inner cards. Furthermore, a player can move cards from the waste pile to the sorting piles in the bottom right without any trouble. Additionally, they can turn more cards over from the deck and cover the current waste pile card. If a player finds themselves wanting to undo a move, they can do that, but it will cost them some points.

While the game is simple to understand, it can be challenging. However, it is still a very fascinating and entertaining version of Solitaire. It can even be played online. When playing it online, the players can choose the difficulty mode if they think the basic one is too easy. 

The game ends when all the cards from the quilt and the waste pile are put on the foundations.

Basic rules of Crazy Quilt Solitaire

The rules of Crazy Quilt Solitaire are easy to remember which makes it perfect for anyone to give it a try and enjoy some time playing. 

  1. The player can only move cards that have a short side free.
  2. To move cards from the quilt to the waste pile, they must be one higher or lower than the current waste card, regardless of suit.
  3. The player can move cards from the waste pile onto the foundations if they match the suit and rank required by the foundation.
  4. The player is able to turn over more cards from the stock pile which will cover the current waste card.
  5. When playing online, the player has the opportunity to undo the moves they've done by clicking on the undo button, however, that will cost them some points.
  6. The player can also utilize hints by clicking on the hint button, however, that will also cost them points.
  7. The end of the game comes when all the cards are moved to the foundations or when there are no more moves available.

Strategies to win Crazy Quilt Solitaire

Take your time and don’t rush. Make sure the first thing you do is clear all the cards that are available to play and work from there. Have the patience to think about your moves before you make them but also have in mind that you have the undo button which can also be very helpful.

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Arachnid Adventure keeps the two-deck format of Spider Solitaire but modifies the tableau setup to include trap cards, which can only be removed under specific conditions. It injects additional layers of strategic thinking and complexity, making it a worthy challenge for Crazy Quilt aficionados.

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Try the game

As we’ve covered you can play free Crazy Quilt Solitaire online or on a tableau. Either way, this game provides a nice and relaxing time for anyone who wants to play. It is also extremely accessible as you can play it online anywhere you want. So, don’t waste time and start playing Crazy Quilt Solitaire free now.

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