Colorado Solitaire Online

A card game that will make you learn new approaches is Colorado Solitaire. It has a unique layout and tricky rules. So be ready to explore the features and have fun!

Colorado Solitaire Rules

The layout of the Colorado Solitaire game has two horizontal rows of ten cards each. The game requires two decks of cards, so there are eight final foundations. There is also a stockpile and waste, so you can use one card at a time when you need additional resources to build the piles.

The process of playing Colorado Solitaire is straightforward. You move the available cards from the tableau to the foundations, trying to build completed piles by suit. Here are a few rules to remember:

  • First, use the cards from the rows without referring to the stockpile.
  • Depending on the website, you may or may not be obliged to immediately fill an empty space in the tableau.
  • You can place a card from stock to any card in the tableau, regardless of its rank and suit.
  • You can’t move those cards within the tableau. Once you place a card in one of the rows, it can only be further moved to the foundations.
  • You can group Kings in one sequence because you won’t need them till the end of the game, and so they will take only one cell, leaving more space for your strategy.

When you play Colorado Solitaire free online, you may also have an option of Undo. It allows you to get several moves back and try another way to resolve the puzzle.


The goal of the Colorado Solitaire card game is to clear the tableau and stock. While doing so, you should build all eight foundation piles. Every pile should be of the same suit that starts with an Ace on the bottom and finishes with a King on the top.

Beyond the Rockies: Alternative Card Games for Colorado Solitaire Enthusiasts

If the intricacies of Colorado Solitaire have captured your imagination, you might be looking for similar games that offer their own unique take on card game strategy. Below are some options that you'll likely find both challenging and engaging:

Beleaguered Castle Solitaire: The Strategy of Siege

If the configuration of Colorado Solitaire’s tableau fascinates you, the Beleaguered Castle’s layout will also intrigue. Its mechanics call for a careful buildup of the foundation piles while navigating a different, yet equally challenging tableau, offering a complementary experience.

Forty Thieves: The Heist of Complexity

Using two decks and granting only a single card per tableau pile, Forty Thieves ramps up the strategic pressure. The game's structure demands the same kind of forward-thinking and careful planning that Colorado Solitaire enthusiasts enjoy, but with a unique twist.

Golf Solitaire: The Fairway of Decision-Making

Golf Solitaire seems simple at first glance—move cards to a foundation by selecting cards one rank higher or lower. However, the hidden complexities and decision-making trees make it an intriguing alternative for those looking to stretch their strategic muscles.

Crazy Quilt Solitaire: Weaving Strategy and Chance

Much like a quilt combines disparate pieces into a coherent whole, Crazy Quilt Solitaire involves turning over and effectively utilizing face-down cards. This creates a different form of complexity, rooted in the same foundational principles of strategic card gameplay found in Colorado Solitaire.

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Solitaire Colorado is not a standard Solitaire game, so you can use it to distract yourself from ordinary Klondike or Spider. It is relatively simple but requires attention to build all eight foundations without blocking necessary cards in the tableau. You can have unlimited attempts to play Colorado Solitaire only, so try it today!

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