Clock Solitaire Online

If you are looking for something different to help you pass your free time in a more relaxing and enjoyable way, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to detail everything there is to know about the game of Clock Solitaire.

As we already said, if you are looking for something exciting that will make your day that much better, we’ve got just the thing for you. The Clock Solitaire game is a game of the Solitaire family. Now, you may have already played some of the other variations of solitaire and that is absolutely fine. But if you wanted something to change things up from the more usual Solitaire games, Solitaire Clock is the variation you should try. It is set up like a clock face which is also where the name comes from. It is a bit on the hard side when it comes to winning purely because this is a card game that is entirely driven by luck.

Clock Solitaire Rules

The rules of this game are something you will need to remember in order to play it right.

  1. With the use of a single deck of standard playing cards which is shuffled, the player lays out twelve piles of four cards each facing down in a circle.
  2. The twelve positions around the clock represent the twelve-hour clock and the pile in the middle represents the hands.
  3. Playing continues and the game is won if all of the playing cards (including the four Kings) are revealed and when you turn up the fourth King.

How to win 

In order to win this game, all thirteen piles must be facing up and be four of a kind. However, if your fourth King gets turned up before all the other sets are completed then the game is lost.

Tips for winning 

Unfortunately, for anybody who likes to have a clear strategy when playing a game, in this one, there is no strategy. This game is played based on pure luck. So, if this is a game you would like to play, we suggest you forget about winning or losing and just enjoy the process.

Variations of Clock Solitaire

While some people might consider Clock Solitaire to be challenging enough, there are those who select to up the difficulty even more. If that is the case, you can play a variation of Clock solitaire in which not only do you need to stack each card in four-of-a-kind piles, but you need to do it in alternating color as well. If you decide to give this variation a try, you might want to have a waste pile for when you can’t use a card just yet. Typically, players are allowed to use the waste pile a maximum of two times before the game ends. Usually, the game will have finished before the waste pile is used.

Ticking Away: Exploring Games Similar to Clock Solitaire

Clock Solitaire captivates players with its unique arrangement of cards designed to resemble a clock face, offering a unique twist to traditional solitaire gameplay. If this time-centric and strategically intriguing game has caught your attention, consider these alternative card games that offer similar elements of interest.

Spider Solitaire: Weaving Strategies

Spider Solitaire doesn't share the round tableau of Clock Solitaire, but it does present its own array of challenges when it comes to building card sequences. This added complexity in sequence arrangement makes Spider Solitaire an interesting game for those who enjoy the nuances of Clock Solitaire.

Pyramid Solitaire: Summing Up Challenges

In Pyramid Solitaire, cards take on a pyramid-like configuration, and your aim is to eliminate card pairs that add up to the magic number of 13. This unique tableau design and targeted strategy for card elimination make it an intriguing alternative to Clock Solitaire.


Get answers to all your questions right now!

Is it possible to win Clock Solitaire?

You can play Clock Solitaire free online and enjoy the game as it is possible to win, even if the chances are very slim.

What is the win rate for Clock Solitaire?

The chances of winning this game are exactly one in thirteen.

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