Chinese Solitaire Online

Popular Chinese Solitaire is one of variations of the versatile game of solitaire. Chinese Solitaire is a twist on the standard, classic format that brings some new rules and mechanics to the game making it interesting and different—so today we’re going to look at everything you need to know to start playing Chinese Solitaire.

How to Play Chinese Solitaire

The Chinese Solitaire game bears a lot of similarities and differences to other common versions. The bulk of the actual gameplay takes place in what are called the tableau piles, where most of the cards are arranged at the start of the game. You must build sequences of cards in order to reveal all the cards needed for the foundations. 

Sequences are built in descending value and in alternating color. By creating sequences, you can make more cards available to you as the foundations must be built by suit in ascending order beginning at the aces. 

This covers the basics of the actual gameplay—now let’s look at all the various rules. 


The goal of Chinese Solitaire online free is to arrange the cards into the four foundation piles by suit and in ascending value. Each foundation pile starts with the ace of each suit, and then after that builds up with every card in the suit up to kings. Once you have all the cards in the foundation piles, the game is considered won. 

This makes Chinese Solitaire fundamentally the same in the objective as classic forms; but the layout, importantly, is quite different. 


The layout of Chinese Solitaire online is as follows:

  1. There are seven tableau piles. The first three tableaus have all cards face up, and an ascending number of face down cards from the fourth pile. The fourth has three face down, then four, five and six.
  2. Each tableau pile has seven cards. One important difference of Chinese Solitaire is that each tableau pile has the same number of cards.
  3. The stock pile holds only three cards. Whereas the stock pile in classic solitaire holds as much as half the deck, the tableau in Chinese Solitaire is only a pile of three cards.
  4. The foundation piles start empty at the top.

Allowed Moves

The following are the possible moves in free Chinese Solitaire:

  1. Cards can be placed on the card one above in value and alternate color. Sequences are built in descending value and alternate color; a three of clubs, for instance, could be placed on a four of hearts or diamonds.
  2. Dealing from the stock pile places all three cards into the leftmost tableau piles. When you deal from the stock pile, one card goes to the top of each of the three tableau piles on the left.
  3. Empty tableau spots must be filled with a king. You cannot place any card in an empty slot.
  4. Any sequence of cards can be moved if the top card matches with the one it is placed on. You can move multiple cards at once provided the top card is in sequence with the one it is placed on.

Winning Strategies

Here are some key tips to win Chinese Solitaire online free:

  1. Be strategic about when you use the stock pile. Using the stock pile should be a last resort; remember it can only be used once.
  2. Build sequences evenly. If you build one long sequence while ignoring other cards, you are likely to end up stuck.
  3. Use empty tableau slots strategically. Given that empty tableau spots must be filled with a king, you should only create an empty slot if you have the appropriate king ready. Otherwise, you’ll limit your movements. Think about sequences and which color of king will give you the best range of moves.

Play Chinese Solitaire

Chinese Solitaire free is a fresh and different solitaire variation, which you might find an even better way to enjoy it. Chinese Solitaire requires careful strategy and planning in different ways to the classic game, so check it out if you’re looking for a new favorite solitaire game.

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