Solitaire for a Cause

For years, Solitaire (or Patience, as it is known across Europe) has been among the most popular card games in the world. While many first came across Solitaire thanks to desktop computers, today, it is a commonly played game in-person, on computers, and even on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. In order to play Solitaire, you just need to open the site SubGame and start the exciting game! As one of the most popular card games in the world, Solitaire is frequently played for fun.

Today, though, the popularity of Solitaire means that it is regularly played for fundraising events. The game’s popularity means that people will happily tune in to watch a game of Solitaire played by another person. This makes it ideal for competitive fundraising tournaments, challenges, and more.

Playing Solitaire for a Cause is increasingly popular, but why? Let’s explore. 

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The Concept of “Playing for a Cause”

Online Solitaire tournaments are increasingly common today, with many people even playing for money. The more competitive aspect of the game means that it is possible to play Solitaire regularly and make money doing so. Instead of making money for yourself, though, you could make money for others. This is the concept of Playing for a Cause.

The idea is quite simple: you take something that you are good at (Solitaire), and you use your love and skill for the game to help others. You take part in anything from competitive tournaments to events like ‘Iron Man’ streams where you see how many consecutive games of Solitaire, or hours of Solitaire, you can play. These can become popular streams for people to tune into, raising money and awareness.

At the same time, you could use the concept of running high-level Solitaire tournaments online. Any money raised from victories can be put towards the event in question. The games can be streamed and shown online to gain interest, or you could run a local in-person Solitaire tournament and do the same.

Playing for a Cause is simply the concept of using your passion for something to raise money. You can choose a charitable body or initiative that you want every participant to put funds towards. Or, each player can choose their own. Either way, the art of playing Solitaire becomes a way to build an audience that learns about the concepts and causes closest to your heart.

This can be an enjoyable way to raise funds for something you care about. Playing for a cause is not only part of the Solitaire world, though. Many games and entertainment mediums are built around the concept of impressive individuals playing for a cause as opposed to themselves. 

For example, the Games Done Quick charitable drive sees video gamers take on ‘speed runs’ of their favorite titles. This involves completing the games in unique and strange ways and showing secrets to the watching public in exchange for their donations. This is one of the best online examples of people who Play for a Cause. They use their unique skill and passion for their hobby to help others. 

The Success of Solitaire Fundraisers

Solitaire might seem like a game that is not 100% suitable for tournament play. However, players can face off against each other using things like time trials to see who can finish their round faster. Solitaire and charity, then, have been companions for some time. There are many examples of charitable drives that use Solitaire as part of the process. 

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Solitaire Grand Harvest 

For example, Solitaire Grand Harvest is regarded as one of the largest online solitaire games in the world. As part of the Supertreat platform, they signed an agreement with the WWF to be a charity partner. The hope is that, over a year, over $100,000 could be donated to the WWF. 

This event, in particular, helped to raise critical funds but also gave players educational insight into endangered animals. Given that Solitaire Grand Harvest has a list of as many as two million players per day, that is a lot of eyes on the WWF’s cause – all through Solitaire. The money is great, but so is the awareness.


Another example of Solitaire being used for charitable fundraisers comes from Freecell, a free online gaming platform. Philanthropic donations through players participating in games like Solitaire have seen tens of thousands of dollars donated to groups like World Vision and UNICEF. Indeed, in total, the gaming platform has managed to provide over $220,000 of fundraising and countless numbers of people being made aware of the charitable aims of these groups. And if you’re not yet familiar with the game Freecell, then come quickly to our website SubGame and dive into this fascinating version of Solitaire.

The Red Nose Day Project

A massive example also comes from the Red Nose Day Full Plate Project. This project actively encourages people to play solitaire as a means of fundraising. By teaming up with Skillz, players were able to take part in Big Run Solitaire, taking on competitive solitaire matches against players of a similar skill level. Events like this can be incredibly successful not only for creating donations but for giving players awareness about the most critical topics of the day.

Belka Games

Belka Games is a massive online gaming platform, and they teamed up with the Children’s Cancer Research Fund to raise over $130,000 in funding. With over 200,000 people participating in the event, too, that is a lot of eyes who were made aware of the objectives and aims of the CCRF. Projects like this raise crucial donations and help everyday players learn about crucial charitable causes.

Events like this can be so important to bring interest and engagement to an audience that might otherwise not become involved. These examples of solitaire charitable events are a small section of the fundraising programs that take place and provide causes with additional support from one of the largest online gaming communities in the world.

How to Organize a Solitaire Fundraiser

Arranging a fundraiser for solitaire is, like any other fundraising campaign, all about finding two things: a place to play and a cause to back. To have the best chance of organizing a fundraiser that uses solitaire as its primary means of raising funds, consider the following steps:

Find a cause that you wish to support

The first thing you should do is look for a charitable cause that you believe requires backing. This is very important, as you want to find a cause that requires additional support. Try and look for causes that are quite universal. For example, raising awareness for specific conditions, illnesses, and situations is easier than raising money for a specific local event.

If you are using an online solitaire game for your fundraising, as is recommended, you want to find a cause that people can believe in from all corners of the globe. While it might be nice to raise money for a local community center, this might be something you would organize within that area. For online solitaire fundraising, focus on objectives that can draw support from across the solitaire community.

Find a place to host your solitaire events

The next step is to locate a solitaire gaming community that can give you access to a place to play solitaire. There are many online platforms that can provide an excellent place to play solitaire online. They are easily accessible, and people from all across the world can log in to play solitaire.

You want to find a solitaire website that provides easy access so as many people as possible can sign-up. Look for a solitaire platform that offers features like live streaming of matches. Failing that, you can set up streams through charitable media like JustGiving and Streamlabs. You can set up charitable streams through multi-use platforms like Twitch and YouTube. There are many options; you need to explore what works best for you.

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Work with your charity partner to build awareness

The next and most important step is to start raising awareness. This means working with the charity to build things like press release content and articles that can be shared. You should contact press release platforms for charitable ventures and create social media accounts to promote the event. Then, ask family, friends, colleagues, and competitors to post links to your charitable cause.

This is the hardest part of the fundraiser because you will only get back what you put in. While you could always pay for advertising to get a boost, it makes more sense to raise awareness organically. This means that fewer funds are being used to market when those funds could go towards the cause itself.

The charitable body you are working with should be keen to help raise awareness and boost visibility for the solitaire experience you are planning. The more you can do to help raise awareness yourself, though, the more likely it is that your solitaire event will bring the volume of interest that you are hoping for.

Using the above, you should find it easier to understand the basics of arranging a solitaire fundraising event. Start with the above, and you can discover just how easy it can be to build a solitaire fundraising event that helps out the causes you care about most. 

Are you ready to get involved?

As you can see, the idea of playing Solitaire for a cause is an increasingly popular concept. Many people today play Solitaire not only because it is fun but because it can be used as a tool for raising awareness and funds. If you are looking for a fundraising idea that you could use to your advantage, why not consider running a Solitaire event?

Not only is it a fun way to raise funds and information, but it is a great way to learn more about the game and see for yourself why Solitaire has been played regularly since the late 1700s! And if you just want to have a good time and distractions, we recommend to pay attention to the different unique types of Solitaire, such as Vegas Solitaire, Josephine Solitaire and Double Solitaire.