Big Spider Solitaire

Big Spider Solitaire is a great way to play the game for those of us who might have trouble seeing some online forms of the game. Big Spider Solitaire is just like the classic spider form of the game and with that comes all the same rules and strategy—but if you’ve never played before, we are here to help with a complete guide to large-print Spider Solitaire.

How to Play Big Spider Solitaire 

In this game of online Spider Solitaire, big cards are used. In the rest, it’s the same as ordinary Spider Solitaire, so here is a guide to how to play Big Spider Solitaire:

  1. Spider Solitaire is typically played with two suits. You can play Big Spider Solitaire with up to four suits, but the two suits are usually spades and hearts.
  2. You must build sequences in descending value in suit. So, for instance, a seven of spades could only be played on an eight of spades. 
  3. You can draw ten cards from the stock pile, each of which is placed at the top of a tableau pile. You can typically draw from the stock pile four times. 
  4. Empty tableau spots can be filled with any card. You do not have to place a king in an empty spot. 


The goal of the big-print Spider Solitaire game is to place every card in the tableau piles by suit. Big Spider Solitaire is generally played with two decks of cards, so you will have eight foundation piles to fill. When each foundation pile is filled, the game is won. 


Here are some key strategy tips for large-card Spider Solitaire: 

  1. Prioritize revealing the face down cards. The face down cards are your key to victory, so you should focus on getting access to them. 
  2. Put off using the stock pile as much as possible. The stock pile should only be a last resort. 
  3. Try to fill empty slots with kings. You can place any card into an empty slot, but a king is the most advantageous card to go in any empty spot. 

Discover Unique Alternatives to Big Spider Solitaire

If you're a fan of Big Spider Solitaire, you're likely drawn to card games that offer a blend of strategy, challenge, and relaxation. But what happens when you crave a fresh twist on your favorite pastime? Well, the world of solitaire card games is rich with options. Below, we explore some noteworthy alternatives that will offer a fresh perspective while keeping the essence of the strategic gameplay you love intact.

Spider Solitaire 2 Suits

Spider Solitaire with two suits serves as a stepping stone for those who find Big Spider Solitaire a tad overwhelming. The game reduces complexity while maintaining a level of strategic depth, providing an accessible yet challenging experience.

Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

Craving a more formidable challenge? The 4-suit variant of Spider Solitaire pushes the boundaries of your strategical capabilities. Think of it as Big Spider Solitaire on hard mode, requiring a careful plan for each move.

Spider Solitaire One Suit

If Big Spider Solitaire feels too intense, consider scaling back to Spider Solitaire One Suit. While simpler, this version still offers layers of strategy that make each game rewarding. It's a comfortable balance for those seeking a less complex yet still engaging option.


Sometimes, the urge to switch things up a bit could lead you to try other classic card games. Solitaire, though not a Spider Solitaire variant, continues to be a go-to game for strategy lovers. Its linear layout and straightforward rules offer a different kind of challenge that keeps you coming back for more.

Play Big Spider Solitaire

If you struggle to play many online forms of Spider Solitaire because of your vision, then Big Spider Solitaire is a great choice for you. You’ll have a much easier time seeing the suits and this will make playing the game fun and enjoyable, rather than just a strain on your eyes; try Big Spider Solitaire today!

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