Batsford Solitaire Online

If you have two decks of playing cards and some free time, you can try playing Batsford Solitaire. This game includes all the standard elements and has simple rules. All of them are explained below, so read on!

How to Play Batsford Solitaire

The Batsford card gameis similar to Klondike but a bit more difficult. It has a triangle-shaped tableau and eight foundation piles. The objective of the game is to fill the foundations with piles of cards arranged by suit from Aces to Kings.


A layout of Batsford Solitaire has a tableau, eight foundation piles, a stockpile, a waste, and one extra cell that serves as a reserve. The tableau initially has 55 cards. It includes ten columns with a gradually growing number of cards, from one to ten, respectively. Only one last card in each column is face-up, and all the others are face-down.

When you play Batsford Solitaire online, the program will make the tableau automatically. Moreover, you will get amazing options such as an Undo button and Hints. These tips can help you try various approaches when playing with the same layout.


Batsford Solitaire provides only a few available cards at the beginning of the game but also gives flexibility in creating strategies. Here are the rules you should follow when playing Batsford Solitaire:

  • The sequences of cards in the tableau should be of alternating colors.
  • All the sequences should be in descending order.
  • Only a sequence that meets the requirement of color and ranking can be moved to another location. Otherwise, only the top available card can be moved.
  • If you have an empty column in the tableau, in Batsford Solitaire, you can fill it only with a King, However, if you have a correct sequence of cards that starts with a King, you can move it completely as well.
  • Only one card from the tableau can be moved to a reserve.
  • Only a top card from the waste pile can be moved to the tableau, a reserve, or foundation piles.
  • You can take a top card from the foundation piles back to the tableau if it helps you to reveal and clear more new cards.

A Fresh Shuffle: Exploring Games in the Vein of Batsford Solitaire

If Batsford Solitaire's unique blend of strategy and multiple tableau setups has caught your fancy, you might be itching to find games that offer similar layers of intrigue. Below are some compelling card games that are worthy successors to Batsford Solitaire's engaging mechanics.

Spider Solitaire: The Strategic Web

While Spider Solitaire's tableau may not mimic Batsford's unique arrangement, it does present an enticing challenge of sequence-building. Just as Batsford requires careful planning, Spider Solitaire involves complex decisions about how to arrange and dissolve card sequences, making it an engaging alternative for seasoned players.

Forty Thieves: The Narrow Path to Victory

Forty Thieves offers a tableau that's difficult to dismantle, making every move a crucial decision. Much like Batsford, you have limited opportunities to clear tableau piles, necessitating careful planning right from the start. The limited options create a rewarding but challenging gameplay experience.

Freecell: A Transparent Challenge

One of Freecell's defining features is that every card is visible from the outset. The difficulty isn't in uncovering hidden cards but in orchestrating their movement to make room for necessary plays. This unique challenge provides a different but equally strategic angle to your card game repertoire, reminiscent of Batsford Solitaire's depth.

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The rules of Batsford Solitaire are not difficult and make the gameplay flexible. You can move whole groups of cards and use a free cell as a reserve. Try it online if you want to check out a new Solitaire game!

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