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Baker's 8 Solitaire, a captivating variant of the popular solitaire card game, has long been a cornerstone of card game culture. Rich in both history and strategic depth, this game is an enticing challenge for the mind. Through the folds of this article, not only will you uncover the distinctive history and rules that mark Baker's 8 Solitaire as special, but you will also understand the intricate strategies that can make or break a game.

History of Baker's 8 Solitaire

Baker's 8 Solitaire, more formally recognized as Baker's Game, owes its invention to C. L. Baker, a renowned mathematician. This game first came into the limelight when it was featured in Martin Gardener's "Mathematical Games" column in the Scientific American in June of 1968. But while this may have been its formal introduction to many, its roots trace back much further, intertwining with the deep history of solitaire games. 

The name, based on its creator, became popular for strategic card play. With more online games, "bakers solitaire" and "bakers game solitaire" are still loved by card players worldwide.

Rules of Baker's 8 Solitaire

Baker's 8 Solitaire uses a 52-card deck and starts with four open cells and four foundations. Players deal cards into eight cascades, four with seven cards and four with six. 

The top card of each cascade initiates a tableau, where cards are sequenced in descending order by suit. The foundation, however, is built upwards in suit. 

Players can move any top card from a cascade or an open cell. These can expand a tableau, fill an empty cell, or join their foundation. 

For an added twist, only kings might occupy vacant cascade slots. 

The game concludes when all cards are sequentially placed by suit onto the foundation stacks. A challenging variant allows only kings to occupy an empty tableau spot.

How to Play Baker's 8 Solitaire

Mastering Baker's 8 Solitaire requires careful attention and a well-thought-out strategy. Begin by distributing cards face-up on the tableau, adhering to the game's distinct structuring rules. As the game progresses and Aces emerge, swiftly move them to the foundation, setting the base for your card stacks.

Allowed Moves

This solitaire variant has striking similarities to Freecell. However, a distinct feature is the requirement to construct columns in descending order within the same suit, rather than alternating between colors.

  • On the tableau, sequences are structured by descending rank and by suit.
  • When ordering sequences correctly on the tableau, they can be collectively relocated, influenced by the number of vacant cells and tableau columns. The formula determining how many cards can be shifted simultaneously is: (1 + total unoccupied free cells) * 2 raised to the power of vacant tableau columns.
  • Each cell can house only a single card.
  • Any card or a well-ordered sequence can find its way to an unoccupied tableau column.
  • The foundation columns are sequentially built using cards of the same suit.


Baker's 8 Solitaire, where suits reign supreme, presents a unique strategic challenge distinct from classic solitaire variants.

  • Suits over color: Emphasize building tableaux down by suit, setting aside concerns about color.
  • Traditional approach: Approach this game as you would classic solitaire. The four open cells are instrumental in maneuvering cards.
  • Suited runs: Endeavor to create continuous sequences of the same suit in the tableau. Such chains can be transferred all at once or individually.
  • Stacking caution: Exercise restraint when stacking in the tableau. Overdoing it might limit your subsequent strategic moves.
  • Foundation moves: Transitioning cards from tableau to foundation enhances game flow. In Baker's 8 Solitaire, such a move invariably works to your advantage.

Play Baker’s 8 Solitaire

Baker's 8 Solitaire, also referred to as Baker’s Game Solitaire by countless enthusiasts, stands tall in the extensive solitaire card game landscape. A perfect blend of complex rules and strategy-driven gameplay has firmly positioned it as a favorite. Whether you're diving in for the first time or have played a thousand games, Baker's 8 Solitaire never ceases to engage and enthrall.

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