Alaska Solitaire For Free

If you like standard Solitaire games but want to try something new, Alaska Solitaire is the right choice! It is a difficult variation of the game that requires strategic thinking and attention. Read on to know the features of its gaming process and a few valuable winning tips.

How to Play Alaska Solitaire

The Alaska Solitaire game is similar to Yukon and Russian Solitaire in terms of layout. It is also played with only one 52-card deck. The game starts with providing both face-up and face-down cards, and you should follow specific rules to reveal and arrange them. Below is a more detailed overview of this process.


You can play Alaska Solitaire for free online and get a complete layout in one click. It contains all 52 cards. The first column has only one face-up card while others are bigger and mixed. The columns from the second to the sixth have one to six face-down cards, respectively, and five face-up cards each. Face-up cards block the face-down ones, and you should clear them to use the deck to the fullest.

There is no stockpile in Alaska Solitaire but there are four foundation cells. They are usually placed on the side of the tableau or on the top of it.


The moves in online Alaska Solitaire follow the next rules:

  • You build sequences of the same color.
  • You can place a card that is either one rank lower or one rank higher. The direction of ranking can change within one group.
  • You can move suitable cards to foundations whenever they become available, you don’t need to keep them in the tableau without any strategic reason.
  • You can move the cards that are not in the correct sequence if finally the pair matches. For example, you can take a red Five blocked by a few black cards and place it on a red Six.
  • An empty cell can only be filled with a King. A King can be moved alone or with a sequence covering it.

The Goal of Alaska Solitaire

When you play Alaska Solitaire online or with real cards, your goal is to arrange all the cards from the tableau into foundation piles. The foundations should be arranged by suit and rank. They start with the Aces on the bottom and end with the Kings on the top.

Alaska Solitaire Strategy

Every game is unique because of the different initially available cards. Still, there are some general tips you can keep in mind:

  1. Try to reveal face-down cards early. The more face-up cards you have, the more options for making sequences you have.
  2. Check for the card’s advantages. You can keep a card in the tableau for longer even if it can be moved to the foundations. Keeping it may bring benefits like revealing more cards during the next moves.
  3. Think a few moves ahead. Check what cards you can reveal by making every move and how it can impact the overall progress.

When you play Alaska Solitaire for free online, you have unlimited attempts and can try different strategies to find the best one.

Exploring New Frontiers: Uncommon Alternatives to Alaska Solitaire

Alaska Solitaire has captivated players with its nuanced tableau and specific rules for card arrangement. If you've mastered Alaska Solitaire and are in the mood for new card game adventures that offer a similar level of strategic depth, here's a curated list of some intriguing alternatives you might enjoy:

Yukon's Wilderness: A Frontier Challenge

Yukon Solitaire differs from Alaska Solitaire in its tableau structure and rules, yet the essence of isolating stacks and moving partial sequences is intact. The Yukon variation brings its own set of unique challenges that invite strategic planning, making it a natural next stop for Alaska enthusiasts.

Russian Elegance: A Strategy Ballet

Differing primarily in how tableau piles are built—specifically, requiring sequences to be built in suit rather than alternating colors—Russian Solitaire provides an added layer of complexity. The game's strict sorting mechanics might resonate with fans of Alaska Solitaire who are accustomed to specific ordering rules.

Klondike: The Grandfather of Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire is perhaps the most widely-known version of solitaire, but don't let its ubiquity fool you; it still offers a deep strategic challenge. While lacking the distinct tableau characteristics of Alaska Solitaire, Klondike's emphasis on foundational pile building makes it a fresh yet familiar venture.

Start playing now

Alaska Solitaire is among the more complex card games. You have to play it a few times before you find winning moves and tricks. It is more interesting to play free online Solitaire games when you know their rules in detail, so we hope this guide helped you. Now, you can play Alaska Solitaire too!


Get answers to all your questions about Alaska Solitaire right now!

What are the odds of winning Alaska Solitaire?

There is no exact percentage of Solitaire Alaska games you can win. Generally, it ranges from 25% to 70%. Moreover, there is a variation called Double Alaska Solitaire that is played with two decks. The odds of winning will be lower in it.

What's the difference between Alaska Solitaire and Russian Solitaire?

The main difference between these two games is in arranging the cards within the layout. In Russian Solitaire, you can only build descending sequences in the tableau. In Alaska Solitaire, the direction of ranking is not important. The card may be one rank lower or one rank higher to be placed on another card of the same color.

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