2048 Solitaire Online

2048 Solitaire combines both the popular games solitaire and 2048 in a unique and fun way that elevates both games. At the same time, this game can probably be a little confusing to those starting out, so today we’re going to bring you a complete guide for everything you need to know to play 2048 Solitaire online. Let’s get started.

Rules of 2048 Solitaire

The rules of 2048 Solitaire are as follows: 

  1. You are presented with two cards at the start and for the rest of the game. You can play the top card, and you can see what the next card available will be. At first, the cards will be either two, four, or eight.
  2. You have four spots to place the cards into. You will have four empty spots and you can place your starting card anywhere you wish. 
  3. You can combine two cards of the same numerical value. When you combine two cards, they will merge to form the next power of two. For instance, two fours will form eight. 
  4. Cards cannot be moved once placed. Once you’ve put a card down, it will be there until it is merged with another card; you can’t move it after placing it. 
  5. You can discard two cards per game. The discard feature allows you not to play a card, but you can only do this twice. 
  6. You also have a wild card occasionally. Wild cards can be placed anywhere and they will merge to form the next power of two. 
  7. When there are eight cards in a stack, that stack is full. You can then only place a card on that stack if it is of the same value as the bottom card. 

This covers all the basics. Now, let’s move on to the goal of solitaire 2048.


The goal of the 2048 Solitaire game is to reach the value of 2048. You can also continue playing beyond this value to score even higher. It can be tricky to do without filling out all the stacks and having no moves left to play. 


Gameplay in 2048 Solitaire games is a careful exercise in which you are trying to optimize the values you’re getting from cards. You can build large sequences so that when you play a card, it then gathers a very large cumulative value by multiplying the cards underneath. It can be tricky at first, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it and get your scores up—especially with our helpful tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks

Some key tips and tricks for winning at 2048 Solitaire cards include: 

  1. Try not to place cards on a card of a lower value. Because cards can be merged if they multiply later on, you always want to make sure cards go on cards of higher value so they can merge. 
  2. Always think about where the second available card will go. Every move isn’t just about thinking about the one card available for play, but the card next, too. Optimize your game by always thinking one step ahead. 
  3. Use the discard sparingly. The discard is a very useful strategic feature, but it’s also very limited for exactly this reason. You can get great benefit from making use of it, but think carefully before you do. 

Play 2048 Solitaire

Numbered games like this can put a lot of people off, and while 2048 Solitaire can be tricky, it’s also beautiful in its simplicity. It’s quick to pick up but can be difficult to master, and this makes 2048 Solitaire loads of fun. 


To wrap up, let’s look at some frequently asked questions about 2048 Solitaire.

What is 2048 Solitaire based on?

2048 Solitaire is based on the grid based numbers game 2048, plus solitaire card games. 

Is 2048 Solitaire hard? 

Solitaire 2048 can be tricky to win at first, but the more you play this free online game, the easier it will be to reach those higher scores.

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