Pyramid Solitaire Egypt

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt is a stylized Pyramid game played with one deck of 52 cards. It has only one foundation that should be filled with pairs of cards. Below, you will find an overview of basic rules and winning tips as well as answers to the most common questions.

How to Play Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

The gameplay of Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt is straightforward but requires attention. You have to find out what cards can be paired and think strategically. Egyptian Pyramid Solitaire differs from standard Pyramid in some aspects, so read on to know them.

Rules of Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt requires you to pair the cards that add up to 13. These include a Ten and a Three, a Nine and a Four, and so on. A Jack has a rank of 11 in Pyramid Solitaire Egypt and a Queen is 12. A King doesn’t need any pair because it is counted as 13.

Layout of Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

The layout of Egyptian Solitaire has five areas:

  1. Tableau. It has the shape of a pyramid with one card on the top and seven cards on the bottom. Each lower row overlaps the upper row. In the traditional Pyramid Solitaire game, only fully revealed cards can be paired. Here, you can pair two cards if one of them overlaps another.
  2. Stock. All the remaining cards are placed face-down in the corner.
  3. Waste. When you click on Stock, you get three cards. The next clicks overlap the existing group, so you can only use opened cards.
  4. Discard. You have one extra cell to keep a card you don’t need now.
Goal of Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

The objective of Ancient Egypt Solitaire is to clear the tableau. On some websites, you may be asked to clear both the tableau and the stock. On others, just clearing the tableau is enough to win.

Moves of Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Pyramid Solitaire game is similar to the standard Pyramid but has some unique features. These are the moves you can make in Solitaire Pyramid Ancient Egypt:

  • Pairing cards that are not covered by other cards and add up to 13.
  • Pairing two cards if they add up to 13 and one of them covers another.
  • Placing one card in a free cell to reveal the card you need.
  • Clicking the stockpile to get three extra cards.
  • Pairing cards within the tableau, from the tableau and the stock, from the tableau and the discard, and from the stock and the discard.

How to Win in Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

Not every hand of Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt is winnable. But sometimes, you may not notice successful options even in winnable hands if you don’t know a few tips. Here is what you can pay attention to when playing to have a better experience with Egyptian Pyramids Solitaire:

  • Plan a few moves ahead when choosing the cards you want to pair.If you have several options, check out which one will help you reveal more new cards.
  • Keep the sides of your pyramid balanced to avoid too many concealed cards.
  • Remove the Kings once you reveal them.
  • Prioritize the cards within the pyramid and use the stock as an additional option.
  • Try to not pair the cards within the stock. They may serve you well later to clear the tableau.
  • When you play free Egyptian Pyramid Solitaire online, you can make use of the Undo button.

The History of Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt: From Pyramids to PCs

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt is a variant of the classic card game "Solitaire", blending elements of patience and strategy within the mystique of Ancient Egypt. Tasked with dismantling a pyramid of cards, the game has gained popularity not just as a physical deck of cards but also in digital format. Offering a unique experience that combines mystical symbols like pharaohs and pyramids with mathematical and logical thinking, Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt first emerged in the 20th century. It gained widespread recognition thanks to computer and mobile apps, spreading the love for the game across people of all ages. Over time, the game has seen numerous variations and add-ons, making it one of the most recognizable and beloved versions of Solitaire worldwide.

Kin to Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt

Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt adds a thematic flair to the traditional Pyramid Solitaire game, enveloping players in the mysteries of ancient civilizations. If you've become a master at Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt and are now seeking games that offer a similar yet distinct challenge, here are a few worthy contenders to consider.

Thieves of Egypt Solitaire: Uncover the Hidden Treasures

If you enjoy the historical elements of Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt, Thieves of Egypt Solitaire might be your next destination. Much like Pyramid Solitaire, the goal is to match pairs of cards to clear them from the tableau. However, Thieves of Egypt introduces new gameplay mechanics and layouts that make it distinct, providing a unique twist on the solitaire formula.

Tri Peaks Solitaire: Climbing New Heights

Tri Peaks Solitaire keeps the pyramid-like structure but offers a different challenge. In this game, cards are arranged in three peaks that you must dismantle while adhering to specific rules, providing a fresh take on the solitaire experience.

Golf Solitaire: A Hole-In-One for Strategy

Although not a pyramid, Golf Solitaire shares the goal of removing cards from the tableau, much like in Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt. Golf Solitaire asks you to clear the tableau by matching cards that are one value higher or lower than the foundation, a fun twist on the conventional solitaire mechanics.

Spider Solitaire: Weaving a Web of Intrigue

Another game that shares strategic similarities with Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt is Spider Solitaire. In this game, you work to create stacks of cards in descending order, offering another type of challenge that requires careful planning and a knack for pattern recognition.

Play Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt is an amazing variation of the familiar Pyramid Solitaire – Egypt-themed game. It has a few unique rules and tricks that increase your chances to win. After learning the rules, try the Ancient Egypt Solitaire Pyramid game online and check out what strategy works best.


Now, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt.

Is Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt easy to win?

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt is relatively simpler than the standard Pyramid Solitaire game. It allows you to store a card in a free cell and to reveal three cards from the stock at once. Still, this game requires strategy and attention, and not all hands are winnable.

Is there any strategy for Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt?

These are the main tips for winning in Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt:

  1. Remove Kings once you reveal them.
  2. Try to keep your pyramid balanced.
  3. Avoid pairing two cards from the stock because they are meant to help you clear the tableau.
  4. Remember about the undo button and cancel moves to try other approaches.

How to pair cards in Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt?

The only strict rule for pairing cards in Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt is that the final sum should be 13. These include the pairs like a Queen and an Ace, a Jack and a Two, a Ten and a Three, and so on. A King card is a 13 itself, so you can simply remove it to the foundation.

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