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Hard Solitaire Game

Once you get experienced in basic patience games, you might want to play hard Solitaire. But, from the hundreds of variations, what Solitaire games are the most challenging? Read on to know difficult Solitaire variations and what can help you win.

Hard Solitaire Card Games Explained

Klondike and FreeCell are known to be the simplest variations. When you think of hard Solitaire games, the main options can be Spider Four Suits, Scorpion, and Canfield. Below, let’s take a look at the setup, basic rules, and a few winning tips of these hars Solitaire games.

Spider Four Suits

One thing that makes this type of Solitaire hard is the number of suits it uses. The same Spider game played with only one suit is much simpler to win. The objective is to arrange all 104 cards into sequences by rank and suit and move them to foundations.

Setting Up the Game

The layout of this hard Solitaire game includes the following:

  • The tableau includes six rows of cards: five rows of ten cards each and one row of four cards. Only one card in each column is open.
  • You have 50 cards in the stockpile and you can deal 10 cards at a time.
  • Foundations are eight cells you are going to fill.
How to Play

Arrange cards in the tableau by suit. All the sequences should be descending, the final group should start with a King and end with an Ace. The completed group is moved to the foundation.

Winning Tips
  • Check what possibilities you can reveal with every move.
  • Clear a column only if you have a free King.
  • Use the stockpile only in dead-end situations.


Scorpion Solitaire is a hard Solitaire game due to a small stockpile. It is played with one deck of cards and requires you to build four foundations. Here is how it is set up.

Setting Up the Game

This hard Solitaire game starts with seven rows of cards. The first three rows in the left four columns are concealed. Three remaining cards are placed aside as a stockpile.

How to Play

Build descending sequences in the tableau from Kings to Aces by suit. Note that you can move any mixed group of cards as long as you can pair two cards differing in just one rank.

Winning Tips
  • Focus on the left columns to reveal the concealed cards faster and thus make this hard Solitaire game simpler.
  • Think a few moves ahead to find the best opportunities.
  • If you see a deadlock (for example, a Five, a Six, and a Four in a row), it’s better to restart a game.


Canfield is one of the hard Solitaire card games with a proven low percentage of winning hands. Like many other hard Solitaire games, it requires you to move all the cards to foundations. The foundation may start with any card.

Setting Up the Game

At the beginning of this hard Solitaire game, you have one card in the four foundation piles, a tableau of the four cards in a row, and a vertical column of 13 cards where only one is revealed. The rest of the deck creates the stockpile.

How to Play

Make sequences of cards of alternating colors and differing in only one rank. You can use the cards from the extra column or from the stockpile. Usually, you can draw three cards at once from the stockpile, which makes it a hard Solitaire game.

Winning Tips
  • Focus on the tableau as it helps to see all the available cards.
  • Check the cards in the stockpile before starting a game.
  • You can’t take cards back from foundations, so evaluate your strategy accordingly.

Play Hard Solitaire Games on SubGame

Above are some hard Solitaire games you can try online for free. If you are skilled in Klondike and one-suit Spider, these variations can help upgrade your skills. Check these hard Solitaire games out today!

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