Spider Solitaire Two Suits Full Screen

If you want to test your Solitaire skills, try 2 suit Spider Solitaire full screen. This game has a medium difficulty level and can highlight your strong skills and weak points. Let’s review what you need to know to play Spider Solitaire 2 suit, the allowed moves and a few winning tips and tricks.

Rules of 2 Suit Spider Solitaire Full Screen

The list of rules of the 2 suit Spider Solitaire full screen game is not extensive. If you have already tried the 1-suit version, 2 suit Spider Solitaire full screen will be easier to grasp. However, even novice players can better understand 2 suit Spider Solitaire full screen after reading the explanation below.

The Setup of 2 suit Spider Solitaire Full Screen

2 suit Spider Solitaire full screen uses two decks of cards. The decks are not standard because you only need two suits in this variation instead of four. These cards create a layout containing the following areas:

  1. The tableau. It includes 54 cards distributed into six rows. The first five rows have five cards, and the last row has four cards. All the cards in the bottom row are face-up.
  2. Stock. The remaining fifty cards are placed in the corner face-down. You can use them when you run out of moves within the tableau. Each draw gives you ten cards, one for each column.
  3. Foundations. Another side of the tableau has eight free cells you fill while playing.

The Objective of 2 Suit Spider Solitaire Full Screen

Since you play 2 suit Spider Solitaire full screen with 104 cards, you will have eight final foundation piles. These are four red piles and four black piles. Usually, these are Clubs and Hearts.

However, in 2 suit Spider Solitaire full screen, you don’t move your cards to the foundations one by one. You should build the whole descending sequence in the tableau, so it can be cleared to the foundations automatically. The sequence should start with a King, and the last card should be an Ace.

How to Play 2 Suit Spider Solitaire Full Screen

2 suit Spider Solitaire full screen has a limited number of allowed moves.

  1. Place a card on another card that is of the same suit and is one rank higher.
  2. Place a card on a card of another suit that is one rank higher.
  3. Move a group of cards if they are ordered sequentially in rank and are of the same suit.
  4. Fill an empty pile with any card.
  5. Deal ten cards from the stockpile to get new options for moves.

Note that while the layout allows you to mix the cards of different suits, only the same-suit sequence can be transferred to the foundations.

Winning Tips for 2 Suit Spider Solitaire Full Screen
  1. Focus on revealing cards. When you start the game, focus your strategy on revealing as many cards as possible. It can help you build longer sequences later.
  2. Try to clear piles quickly. It might be challenging, but this strategy brings a significant advantage. Every empty column allows you to place a card there and avoid blocking useful cards.
  3. Start a new pile with a King. If you have an empty column, don’t rush to fill it. Check if you have a King to be placed there, In this case, you can both reveal valuable cards and create a complete group with fewer efforts.
  4. Create same-suited groups initially. Since only the sequences of the same suit can be moved to the foundations, it’s better to initially focus on them. In this case, you won’t need to switch any cards to clear the group from the tableau later.
  5. Know when to alternate suits. Sometimes, you can pair the cards of alternating suits simply to reveal more cards. In this case, such a move may be worth the outcome.
  6. Use the Undo button. In free Spider Solitaire games, you may get back in the gameplay. It allows you to cancel several moves and try another strategy.

Play 2 Suit Spider Solitaire Full Screen

2 suit Spider Solitaire full screen can become an amazing experience if you have a clear strategy. Follow the above-mentioned rules and use different tips so as not to miss any good chances. Also, play full screen to get the best overview of the available moves, and you’ll enjoy your spare time with the game of 2 suit Spider Solitaire full screen.

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